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March 31, 2018

Flashback 2014

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Rible: D’Jais Would Still Need Zoning Change

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I happened to run into ABC Commissioner David Rible at the store this morning and asked him about the proposed change to the seasonal liquor licenses.  He told me that south end residents don’t need to get too worried because D’Jais would need a zoning change to operate year round even with the year round license.

Survey Completed

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My neighbor to the left, her name is Claudia April.



March 30, 2018

Don’t Leave Any Checks Around

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Matt meets the Mayor!


March 29, 2018

No Christie To Veto This Time

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Coming Increase In School Tax

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BOE’s Furey: We can’t control Squan’s spending

BOE’s Fahey: Share some of that PILOT Loot!


AC Dems: New Dem Mayor Stole Our Money!

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March 28, 2018

It’s In The Bag

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March 27, 2018

The One Person Who Should Not Be Talking About This

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Matt gives an interview to the Patch.



If you don’t mind, I decided to add some of my own  comments in red.

Mayor Matt Doherty has unveiled plans for a new Belmar Borough Hall that will be part of a private-public partnership that redevelops a block of the borough. (Why is Matt even talking about this? He’s conflicted. He’s not supposed to have anything to do with it.)

This development will have no significant impact on the school district in Belmar, Doherty wrote in a Facebook post. But it will be a major benefit to our community, he said.  (It’s funny how the first thing he mentions is the school. He must be feeling vulnerable on that point.)

For reference, he said, the development at 800 Main Street has 34 apartments with no children in the school system. In addition, 1000 River Avenue has over 100 units and only a handful of school children. (Yeah, keep those little brats away from here.)

The reason why is because these developments are not designed for families, heh saud, but rather for young people starting out and empty nesters. Single family homes are more designed for families. (Spell check on please.)

“As mayor, I would never advocate for a major single family development because it would have a negative impact on the school district as evidenced in other towns in NJ,” he said. “I have two children at Belmar Elementary School now (one graduating) and will have another entering in next year into pre-K. I think you would have to go far back into Belmar’s history to find another mayor who had as much of a personal vested interest in the school district as me.” (This is where “It Takes a Village” gets you. This is what you get when you socialize the cost of raising children. Instead of being a source of joy and happiness…and who doesn’t love children, or at least profess to?…they become a bad thing, a liability, something we need to prevent at any cost from coming to our town.)

Doherty said the idea that the school system should garner more money from redevelopment projects fails to understand that the school district is budgeted to receive financial assistance from the state in the amount of $1,037,000 for the 2018-2019 school year. That is a 6.3 percent increase form 2017-2018 school year.  (The whole school aid program is a scam. The income tax money is supposed to be distributed equally between all students in the state. Instead the handful of Abbott districts get like 80% of the money. Belmar residents pay over $6 million a year in state income tax. Getting back $1 million of it is nothing to brag about.)

At the same time, ghe school population has decreased over the past few years. Meanwhile, the municipal government receives no financial assistance from the state,” he said. (Not sure about the population but please turn spell check on. And why should Belmar’s municipal government get financial assistance from the state?)

“In fact, we have not received assistance from the state in years,” he said. “So while the school has the ability to receive increases in state aid, the municipal government has none and must rely on its own effort to generate additional revenue outside of property taxes.” (Sounds like he’s jealous.)

In addition, he said the municipal government has a great working relationship with the school administration.

“We pay for several services (police, DPW) that other school systems are financially responsible for,” he said. “Trying to drive a wedge between the municipal government and the school district over money is a mistake in my opinion.” (Who’s driving a wedge? He must be talking about us. If he is he should say it so the article’s readers know who he is talking about.)

So while there will be no negative impact to the school district, he said, this development will be of major benefit to the town by providing housing, providing a new town hall and police department, providing a new modern gymnasium, providing a new parking garage and generating revenue in the form of an annual PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes). (I’m against all of it.)

“And all of this will be done a zero cost to taxpayers,” he said. (We’ve heard that before!) “Just like the other successful development projects completed during my tenure as mayor, this one will help keep property taxes flat because of the PILOT (we are the only town in NJ to have NO tax increase in 8 years) (Debt more than doubled in 8 years.) while improving our Main Street that ultimately increases property values for our residents.” (High property values only help residents when they decide not to be residents anymore. Like me.)

“While I am stepping down, I do hope my successor Brian Magovern, and the rest of the council, continues to work well with the school administration, continues to keep taxes in check, and continues to make improvements to our community.” (How does he know Brian is going to be his successor? Or does he think Brian is going to do all that between April 10 when Matt steps down and April 14 when the Council “votes” on who will finish out his term?)

March 25, 2018

Last Week

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