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November 26, 2010

Economics For Idiots (Such As Sheila Oliver And Stephen Sweeney (Todd))

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Yesterday’s Asbury Park Press reports that the respective leaders of the state Assembly and state Senate, Sheila Oliver and Stephen Sweeney (Todd) are going to shift their focus from changing their policies that are bankrupting suburban towns and policies that are producing overpriced, ineffective schools and instead are going to concentrate on “creating jobs”.  Anytime time you hear a politician say that he or she will work to create jobs you know that that person is either an economic ignoramus or a dishonest political hack or, most often, both. Our vainglorious legislative leaders, Oliver and Sweeney (Todd) probably fit the latter most category.

Imagine there are two neighboring towns, Sylvania and Freedonia.  Let’s say that Sylvania was run by a criminal gang that specialized in extorting home builders and that Freedonia had no such problem.  In Sylvania builders had to pay this gang a vig on all transactions or any houses they built would be burned down.  In Freedonia they did not.  The Sylvanian gang got so greedy that the cost of building there became prohibitive.  Of course in Freedonia builders were able to build houses without any hindrance and so they built plenty of them, providing a nice living for themselves and their workers and at the same time fulfilling the housing needs of all the Freedonians.  The Sylvanian gang was eventually forced to reduce it’s extortion demands a little so at least some people could afford to build there and not just move to Freedonia.  By Oliver and Sweeney (Todd)’s logic, the criminal leaders of Sylvania were busy “producing” housing because of their slightly reduced extortion requirements, whereas the leaders of Freedonia were a bunch of do-nothings that allowed privateers to run rampant.

Politicians can not produce productive jobs.  The key word here is productive.  In the Soviet Union everyone had jobs.  In Cuba everyone has a job.  The problem is those kind of jobs, created by politicians for their political utility instead of by businessmen based on market demand, don’t produce wealth, they destroy it.  Some public sector jobs of course are necessary but they should be kept to a minimum.  The only entity capable of producing wealth-creating jobs is the private sector, and politicians like Oliver and Sweeney (Todd) have spent their entire careers making it as difficult and expensive as possible for the private sector to operate in New Jersey.  More than one study has pegged our state as the absolute worst in the country for business.  How can this pair that has inflicted on us one job-destroying law after another, way too numerous to fit on this page, claim with a straight face that they are going to “create” jobs? 

More money spent on job training is not going to help.  The only way to create real jobs, wealth producing jobs, the only kind of jobs worth creating, is to undo all the harm done by New Jersey politicians.  They need to learn to stay out of the way of wealth creation.  Putting Oliver and Sweeney (Todd) in charge of job creation is the equivalent of hiring arsonists to run your fire department.

November 23, 2010

Matt Doherty Is Going To Drive Us To Drink! (for a good cause though)

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Matt asked me to publish this:

Mayor-Elect Matt Doherty


Guest Bartender


Connolly Station,

715 Main St., Belmar, NJ 07719

To Benefit the

St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Rose Church 

Thursday, December 2 

5-9 pm 

Live Band and Free Buffet 

Please join us for a great time with great friends as we support Matt in this great cause.  All of his tips will be donated to the St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Rose Church for all the good works that they do, so when Matt hands you your drink (beer)…TIP WELL!!!

November 20, 2010

Seaside Heights Stands Up To The Bullies In Trenton

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Since the recent tragic suicide at Rutgers the politicians have been climbing all over each other to toughen the laws against and widen the definition of bullying.  Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, the Chuck Schumer of New Jersey, is one of those leading the charge.  Every time a bad thing happens, she, like Chuck, can’t wait to get her name out in the media with a new law against bad things and the bad thing du jour is bullying.  Well if Chuck and Mary Pat and all the rest of them really want to do something about bullying they ought to take a look in the mirror.

Government is, of course, the biggest bully in the school yard.  Not only do the various branches of it bully us, occasionally to the point of suicide too, they also bully each other.  The federal government bullies the states and it bullies the governments of other countries (who, of course, are bullies in their own right).  The state governments, especially New Jersey’s, bully the towns.  And, like I said, all of them bully us at various times and for various reasons.

One local leader who has in some small measure stood up to Trenton’s bullying is Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera.  He, with the support of other borough officials, has declined to comply with the “best practices” list of commandants produced by the state Department of Community Affairs.  The list, which you can read here if you have nothing better to do, is mostly make-work designed to allow Trenton bureaucrats to feel good about themselves, or as Mr. Camera put it in the Asbury Park Press, “For us, all that form was was a lot of paperwork and a lot of time spent by us for not much reward”. 

The “reward” he is referring to amounts to 10% of Seaside Heights’ state aid.  When the state originally took that money from the people of Seaside Heights in the form of income tax, they promised it would come back to Seaside in the form of state aid.  They didn’t say anything about any “best practices” list back then.  I think that if Trenton is going to withhold 10% of Seaside’s state aid, the people of Seaside should withhold 10% of their state income tax payments.  Belmar’s residents would certainly be better off giving up 100% of state aid in exchange for paying no state income tax.  If Trenton is going to force us to perform tricks for them in order to get our own money back, we should stop sending them the money in the first place and repeal the state income tax.

Sadly, Seaside Heights is the only New Jersey community to stand up to Trenton’s most recent act of bullying our towns.  At a recent Belmar Council meeting I asked if Belmar intended to comply with Christie’s list.  Mayor Pringle and Borough Administrator Robin Kirk both complained at some length about the pointless work involved in complying with the list but were non-committal about whether they would bother doing so or not.  Ms. Kirk pointed out that not very much money was at risk anyway.  (This is because the “aid” program is mostly designed to aid the urban Democratic political machine, not suburban taxpayers).  Anyway, I told them that I would not criticize them if they took the list and tossed it in the circular file.  I did not tell them I would not criticize them if they obeyed the state’s ridiculous demands, so here we go.  I am disappointed to learn that our borough officials did not stand up for local sovereignty like those officials in Seaside Heights did.  They like to complain about Trenton’s ever-increasing interference in our affairs but will turn away no opportunity to grab more loot from them no matter what strings are attached.  We will never be free of their control if we continue to allow them to bribe us with our own money.

I’m starting to like this John Camera.  I’m sure he will take some criticism from his constituents for his act of defiance, just as he must have when he stood up for the First Amendment (unlike Belmar’s officials) and defended the right of a certain lowbrow TV reality show to film in Seaside Heights. Seaside is smart (or perhaps just lucky) to have an official who puts principles above politics.

November 14, 2010

The Great Man Makes The Case For Liberty

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At Indiana University, Oct 25. 2010

November 12, 2010

Hayek v Keynes – Partie Deux

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A live follow-up and interview about the hit You Tube video “Fear the Boom and Bust”



And for those of you who missed the original:

November 10, 2010

Final Vote Count – I Break Into Triple Digits

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                VOTE BY MAIL/  
NO. REG.           3887     3887
NO. CAST 289 387 408 473 369 1926     1926
Provisionals No. Cast 4 6 3 10 10        33     33
Mail in Ballots No. Cast                296     296
Total Ballots Cast                 2255
ANNA C. LITTLE 144 173 190 256 213 976 10 131 1117
FRANK PALLONE JR. 130 192 185 190 148 845 8 141 994
GREEN TEA PATRIOTS                  
KAREN ANN ZALETEL 2 3 3 3   11   3 14
JACK FREUDENHEIM 2 5 2 2   11   2 13
WRITE INS                  
            0     0
FOR SHERRIFF                  
SHAUN GOLDEN 142 173 199 241 216 971 9 121 1101
ERIC BROPHY 118 181 157 195 133 784 10 137 931
WRITE INS                  
            0     0
ROBERT CLIFTON 149 158 199 246 211 963 10 113 1086
THOMAS A. ARNONE 149 172 199 251 209 980 10 130 1120
JOHN D’AMICO, JR. 107 182 152 184 131 756 9 148 913
JANICE VENABLES 110 177 153 176 130 746 7 131 884
WRITE INS                  
            0     0
FOR MAYOR                  
RICHARD J. WRIGHT 134 147 177 216 220 894 8 90 992
MATTHEW J. DOHERTY 146 233 221 247 142 989 12 193 1194
WRITE INS           0 1   1
JAMES BEAN 126 153 170 236 207 892 9 87 988
GREGORY J. DEMPSEY 122 149 165 217 199 852 7 87 946
CLAIRE DEICKE 149 215 217 221 143 945 9 194 1148
BRIAN P. MAGOVERN 157 217 217 224 161 976 10 187 1173
Common Sense Candidate                  
DAVID SCHNECK 10 23 16 25 15 89 2 10 101
WRITE INS           0     0
STATE QUESTION NO. 1                  
Yes 162 218 215 269 222 1086 15 210 1311
No 45 39 57 52 45 238 4 46 288

I’ll have to find out what name was written in for mayor.

November 6, 2010

Stephen Sweeney Todd, The Demon Senator of State Street

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I don’t believe New Jersey state Senate President Stephen Sweeney (Todd) is sincere when he says he wants property tax relief.  Even the couple of rusty old screwdrivers that comprise Governor Christie’s “tool kit” is more than Sweeney (Todd) wants Belmar to have to fight property tax increases.  He wants the unions to have basically complete control over our town’s budget and ultimately over our household budgets.  So he is looking for any reason other than the obvious reason to explain our ballooning property taxes.  The obvious reason, for anyone who has just awoken from a twenty year coma is THE LABOR, ENVIRONMENTAL AND PUBLIC SAFETY MANDATES THAT TRENTON HAS FORCED MUNICIPALITIES TO COMPLY WITH.  Add to that the fact that the state income tax, which was introduced in 1976 under the fraudulent claim that it would be used for property tax relief, has instead been used for wealth-redistribution.  Suburban towns like Belmar get almost none of that money.  And as columnist Paul Mulshine pointed out recently, the money doesn’t even go so much to poor people as it does to the urban Democratic machine which uses it to buy votes and elect more Democrats who act to take even more of our money. Belmar doesn’t need a tool kit.  It needs a divorce!

Of course Senator Sweeney (Todd) doesn’t want to divorce Belmar.  He wants to murder us.  Just as the fictional Sweeney Todd slit the throats of his barbershop patrons, the real Sweeney (Todd) wants to slit the throat of home rule and our right to self-determination.  He thinks the reason that taxes are getting so high in small suburban towns is that these towns exist at all.   “Every time the mayor of small town tells us, ‘We run efficient and effective government’ -— they do. The question is: Is there a need for that government?”  he says.

And then there’s this from the Asbury Park Press: 

Sweeney wants to take on towns and force them to find ways to share and consolidate. He wants to turn towns “upside down” to force change, he said. Home rule, Sweeney said, is a “farce.” 

The question came from a reporter in the room: Are you declaring war on home rule? 

“Yes,” answered Sweeney.

Hey Matt, are you listening?

As I said at the debate, it’s not like New Jersey was one big town with low taxes and then twenty years ago there was a big bang that exploded it into five hundred smaller towns which then each had to have their own governments and now our taxes are high.  We’ve always had small towns and actually the larger towns in New Jersey have higher taxes than the smaller ones.  Do any of you really think that if we created some governmental unit consisting of Belmar, Avon, Bradley, Asbury, Neptune and Neptune City that our property taxes would decrease?  Sweeney (Todd)’s forced-consolidation schemes are just a way to put us further in harness.

Don’t be fooled.  Sweeney (Todd)’s barbershop is a trap.  We don’t need the haircut that Sweeney(Todd) is offering (ramming down our throats, actually).  Shared services, then consolidation, then regionalization and then POOF! No more Belmar!  The only thing that will remain will be the high taxes.  Higher, actually.  The right way to control Belmar’s spending is to have Belmar actually control it’s spending. 

Stephen Sweeney (Todd) wants us to sacrifice home-rule so his union backers don’t have to sacrifice their big fat contracts.  Tell Sweeney (Todd) that if he really wants to help us he’ll take his sharpest knife to all of these outrageous mandates (and to our fraudulent income tax too).

November 5, 2010

The Voters Speak Out On Red Light Cameras – Updated

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There’s a revolt brewing on the west coast.  Voters in the Anaheim, California and Mukilteo, Washington have approved referendums to stop the use of red light cameras.  This is great news!  Maybe we in Belmar need to do the same thing.

Amazingly, in Anaheim the measure was supported by their mayor, who’s name is Pringle!

From The Los Angeles Times:

Anaheim voters overwhelmingly back ban on red-light cameras

Voters in Anaheim on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a ban on red-light cameras in their city.

The vote comes amid growing debate about whether cities are using the cameras to generate revenues. Dozens of Southern California cities have installed the cameras in recent years, arguing they make intersections safer.

Measure K prohibits the Anaheim City Council “from enacting an ordinance which would permit or authorize any red-light camera or other automated traffic enforcement system,” according to the city’s analysis.There are no red-light cameras in Anaheim. Backers of the measure fear that such cameras would be used to generate extra revenue for the city and question whether they improve safety. Mayor Curt Pringle was among those backing Measure K.

Red-light violations accounted for nearly 40% of the 2,397 accidents at Anaheim intersections between 2007 and 2009. In all, there were 12,858 traffic accidents during that period.

According to the Orange County Registrar of Voters website, about 73% of voters approved Measure K.

— Shelby Grad


And from The Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Eyman’s red light camera initiative passes in Mukilteo

Mukilteo voters were overwhelmingly passing a measure that would require a public vote for any red light or speed zone camera in the city. It also would limit fines to the least-expensive parking ticket.

Proposition 1 was passing with 70 percent of the vote Tuesday evening.

“I think the ripple effects on the vote on that will give a lot of fuel (to similar efforts),” Eyman told

Eyman, the initiative guru whose statewide measure requiring a two-thirds legislative vote for tax increases also passed Tuesday, had said he hoped the Mukilteo red light measure would spur other locales to push their own red light initiatives.

The City of Seattle has a contract for red light cameras with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions that’s worth more than $1 million annually.Seattle started a 12-month pilot project with red light cameras in July of 2006. Initially, six cameras were deployed at four intersections. In the first year alone there were 16,539 citations issued, with more than 70 percent of violators paying fines of $1.07 million.


From The Houston Chronicle:

Houston voters reject red-light cameras by wide margin

Houstonians rejected the city’s red light camera program in a hard-fought ballot contest, delivering an immediate $10 million hit to an already dire budget situation at City Hall.

With all votes counted, 53.2 percent of voters demanded a decisive end to the use of the devices, which had been used to issue more than 800,000 tickets and collected $44 million in fines since 2006.

“This is a victory for the people,” said Paul Kubosh, an attorney who defends red light runners and collected more than 20,000 signatures with his brothers to get the referendum on the ballot. “The voters said that they do not like cameras.”

November 4, 2010

The Arrogance Of Frank Pallone

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What an amazing story.  From his hardscrabble beginnings in Long Branch (I am told his father was a used car dealer there) this humble man has risen in power to compete with God in Heaven himself.  And with the blessing of his re-election he can now move beyond telling us what kind of light bulbs we must buy, and actually “stabilize the economy” and “grow the middle-class”.  Amazing.  (The biggest thing I can grow is tomatoes.)

He better grow an entirely new middle-class because his current middle-class constituents voted against him in large numbers.  These uninformed rubes (myself included) voted by a significant margin (in Belmar it was 53% to 47%) for that insignificant and appropriately-named woman Anna Little, who has no idea how to stabilize the economy or grow a middle class.  We should be so thankful that our state government had the great wisdom to stretch the 6th district all the way to New Brunswick and Plainfield so all those better-informed urban voters could negate our votes and gives us back Frank Pallone.

The 6th district is an abomination. I would rather have no congressman at all than have the uber-arrogant Frank Pallone doing all the damage he is doing in my name.  We must demand that the coming redistricting include a district for the northern Jersey shore area that includes only our area. 

Monmouth County has approximately 600,000 residents.  Congressional districts also have about 600,000 residents.  Why not make the 6th (or whatever number) just for the Monmouth County area?  I’ll tell you why.  It might actually give we middle-class suburban voters here true representation in Congress.

God (and Frank Pallone) forbid.

November 3, 2010


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Thanks to everyone who voted for me, but I guess I better keep my day job.



REP – Richard J. WRIGHT 984 45.37%
DEM – Matthew J. DOHERTY 1,182 54.50%
Write-In 3 0.14%
Total 2,169 100.00%


REP – James BEAN 979 22.67%
REP – Gregory J. DEMPSEY 939 21.74%
DEM – Claire DEICKE 1,139 26.37%
DEM – Brian P. MAGOVERN 1,163 26.93%
David SCHNECK 99 2.29%
Write-In 0 0.00%
Total 4,319 100.00%

99 Votes.  I was pretty sad last night but in retrospect getting the equivalent of 4.6% of the vote (since every voter had 2 votes) is very high for an independent. (Most independents get 1% or less.)  Also no one would dispute that there must have been many other voters who agreed with me on the issues but didn’t want to “waste” their vote on someone who “can’t win”.  I might add that I was probably outspent by about 30 to 1 and had, save for my wife and kids, basically no campaign volunteers.  (Maybe that should have told me something).

Anyway, I heartily congratulate the winners, Matt, Claire and Brian for a job well done.  I will be around, both at the meetings and probably on this blog, to point out (as a friend, of course) any errors in your policies.

And a word to the Republicans: I’m relieved that my participation in the race didn’t cost you a seat on the council, but knowing you guys, both the three candidates and all the guys and gals who are active in the party, I know that even if I had effected the outcome it wouldn’t have made any difference in the absolute graciousness you’ve shown towards me.  I thank every one of you for your kindness and I’m proud to consider all of you to be friends of mine.

I also want to thank my wife Karen for her love and support (and mostly for letting me spend about $3000 on this ill-fated project).

Many thanks too, to reporters Michelle Gladden at the Asbury Park Press and Molly Mulshine at The Coast Star for their expert and unbiased reporting and to Jeanne Petillo at the Star for her great service to me at their advertising dept.

The bright side:  I can stop shaving every day, I can grow my hair longer again, and all that money I would have had to spend at Men’s Warehouse had I won I can now put to better use (beer and cigarettes).

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