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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Economics For Idiots (Such As Sheila Oliver And Stephen Sweeney (Todd))

Yesterday’s Asbury Park Press reports that the respective leaders of the state Assembly and state Senate, Sheila Oliver and Stephen Sweeney (Todd) are going to shift their focus from changing their policies that are bankrupting suburban towns and policies that are producing overpriced, ineffective schools and instead are going to concentrate on “creating jobs”.  Anytime time you hear […]

Matt Doherty Is Going To Drive Us To Drink! (for a good cause though)

Matt asked me to publish this: Mayor-Elect Matt Doherty as Guest Bartender at Connolly Station, 715 Main St., Belmar, NJ 07719 To Benefit the St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Rose Church  Thursday, December 2  5-9 pm  Live Band and Free Buffet  Please join us for a great time with great friends as we support […]

Seaside Heights Stands Up To The Bullies In Trenton

Since the recent tragic suicide at Rutgers the politicians have been climbing all over each other to toughen the laws against and widen the definition of bullying.  Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, the Chuck Schumer of New Jersey, is one of those leading the charge.  Every time a bad thing happens, she, like Chuck, can’t wait to get her […]

The Great Man Makes The Case For Liberty

At Indiana University, Oct 25. 2010

Hayek v Keynes – Partie Deux

A live follow-up and interview about the hit You Tube video “Fear the Boom and Bust”   . And for those of you who missed the original:

Final Vote Count – I Break Into Triple Digits

.   GENERAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 2010                                     VOTE BY MAIL/   DISTRICT 1 2 3 4 5 TOTAL PROVISIONALS MILITARY TOTAL NO. REG.           3887     3887 NO. CAST 289 387 408 […]

Stephen Sweeney Todd, The Demon Senator of State Street

I don’t believe New Jersey state Senate President Stephen Sweeney (Todd) is sincere when he says he wants property tax relief.  Even the couple of rusty old screwdrivers that comprise Governor Christie’s “tool kit” is more than Sweeney (Todd) wants Belmar to have to fight property tax increases.  He wants the unions to have basically complete […]

The Voters Speak Out On Red Light Cameras – Updated

There’s a revolt brewing on the west coast.  Voters in the Anaheim, California and Mukilteo, Washington have approved referendums to stop the use of red light cameras.  This is great news!  Maybe we in Belmar need to do the same thing. Amazingly, in Anaheim the measure was supported by their mayor, who’s name is Pringle! From The […]

The Arrogance Of Frank Pallone

What an amazing story.  From his hardscrabble beginnings in Long Branch (I am told his father was a used car dealer there) this humble man has risen in power to compete with God in Heaven himself.  And with the blessing of his re-election he can now move beyond telling us what kind of light bulbs we must buy, and […]


Thanks to everyone who voted for me, but I guess I better keep my day job. . MAYOR: REP – Richard J. WRIGHT 984 45.37% DEM – Matthew J. DOHERTY 1,182 54.50% Write-In 3 0.14% Total 2,169 100.00% COUNCIL: REP – James BEAN 979 22.67% REP – Gregory J. DEMPSEY 939 21.74% DEM – Claire […]