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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Smear Campaign

Just so you guys know what the gang has been saying about Common Sense for Belmar. Exhibit A: Claire Deicke in today’s APP: As Americans we are entitled to say whatever we want, whenever we want. Our idealistic forefathers created the freedoms of expressions as stated in the First Amendment of our Constitution. This important […]

Why I’m Voting No On Question One

The right to bail is part of the heritage of the English speaking peoples.  Since King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 the right to bail, a natural outcrop of the right to the presumption of innocence until tried and convicted, has been understood in our culture as a birthright.  It has been confirmed […]

I Won’t Hold My Breath

“I believe that fully disclosing all campaign contributions is necessary because the people have the right to know who is financing politicians’ campaigns,” Councilman Doherty added earlier this week. “The more information voters have about a candidate, the better informed they are, and this will lead to a better decision at the voting booth. In […]

Keady Is One Of Ours, Governor

Asbury Park Sun, 11/02/12: The city of Asbury Park put out a call for volunteers earlier this week after Hurricane Sandy hit, and more than 100 people turned out to help. Aid is needed for manning voting booths; overseeing recreation and helping with cleanup and other duties in Belmar. A beach cleanup in Ocean Grove […]

Another Special Election Coming?

The deadline has passed.  The Council had until October 31 to formally accept the petition’s stipulation that the pro-union language at question be kept from our bidding ordinances.  Since the deadline for “adequate notice” of a meeting tomorrow has passed, the option to accept the petitions is no longer on the table. The Falkner Act […]

A.G. AshBritt Dismissal….Exoneration Or Obstruction?

One characteristic of this blog that makes it fun to do is that many of its readers are smarter than its author.  It took one of those sharp-minded readers to connect the dots on two separate topics that have been covered here but that had never occurred to me might be related. One caveat before […]

Big Story Breaking Tomorrow Morning!

Been working on it all day today.  Make sure to log on in the morning because you don’t want to miss this!

Day 21

Contribution page was updated today, but there’s still no link to the Democrat 29 day pre-election reports that were supposed to be made available October 6th.  (There are two reports, one for the mayor’s committee and one for the joint candidate committee.)  I found the reports on the NJ ELEC site last week and put […]

Hit Week

It Never Ends

Got my invite for the mayor’s “town hall” event: . Both sides state that the invite was paid for by the Doherty for Mayor campaign.  Clearly a political event. Now I would never suspect the mayor would ever use town resources to help his political campaign but I do like to verify things so I […]