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Tuesday Night

The agenda:



The resolutions:



Note that they are hiring financial consultants Holman, Frenia, Allison, P.C. for services up to $4500/month.

The firm is well connected in local GOP circles, having contributed over $50,000—in the 2019 election cycle alone—to Monmouth and Ocean Republican candidates for assembly, freeholder, sheriff, mayor and local council.

Ordinances for 1st reading:


BTW, since when is a town-wide revamp of parking ordinances, a total re-do of construction codes related to flood control and mitigation, and a ban on the use of plastic straws and foam coffee cups considered to be “routine” parts of a consent agenda? Why is it assumed that everybody is going to vote yes for all of this?


Ordinances for 2nd reading and public hearing:



Schneck’s 2 cents:

The Plaza parking lot bordered by the dollar store, the train station, 10th Ave and the bank should be available to be used by rail commuters. Or at least most of it should be. It should be open before the first train of the morning arrives and should allow for our hard working commuters to park there for as long as their commute requires. Why make people who are working 13 hour days walk blocks to the station in the morning…and possibly miss their trains…and then blocks to their cars in the evening…in the cold, rain and dark?

I’m not a fan of business improvement districts, I was against the last one and I’m against the new one, but at minimum this new project should be tabled until Belmar’s businesses can actually get back to business. Many of these places are struggling just to survive and the Borough should not be placing even 1 cent of extra burden on them right now.

GOP Prescription For Election Victory

Republicans back local

chiropractor, businesswoman

in bid to unseat Brennan


Took over Mr. Shrimp’s old place:

Paul Pans The Ban


Boardwalk Visitors Getting Too Close For Comfort

Mayor shuts it down


Last Week

A Somewhat Lengthy Read

Somebody OPRAed 6+ years of police records pertaining to D’Jais:



To make it easier for you guys I downloaded all the files, combined them into one PDF, and sent it to my Google Drive.

Estimated read time: Let’s just say that depending on how old OLD MAN really is, it could conceivably take the rest of his life.


About The Boardwalk…..

Message from the mayor:


Boardwalks All Empty…Almost took a ride to the beach yesterday


12 Visits


Heartwarming Story But…

Maybe there are better causes.

GoFundMe page for Federico’s raises only $20 in 2 days.