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Think They’re Bluffing?

We’ll see if they actually start spending money.


Tonight’s Agenda

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner


Speaking Of Bathrooms…..


16th Ave Bathroom Out Of Order


In Hampton This Morning….

A tent, a tent and a tent under a tent.


Saturday Submissions

Stands down at 15th Avenue:


and 13th Avenue:

Somebody needs a lifeguard for their umbrella.


Tent on beach seen from 12th Avenue:


Thank you submitters!

BTW, things have been somewhat interesting up here too:


Yes, up here.  We’re up here.  Still haven’t nailed down a rental that we like.  Right now we’re hoping it will be this one but it’s not a done deal yet.

It’s in Hampton, only about 10 minutes from our property.

Last Week

8th Out Of 44


Everybody 15



Funny.  They make we older people show ID to get a senior badge.



I see the lifeguard stand was down too.