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Not Gonna Let THAT Happen Again!


Raincoats Required

Conference for bidders at Como job site today.


After A Two Year Hibernation…..

It’s Alive!


After passing an authorizing ordinance back in May of 2015,

Belmar finally commences search for electric aggregator.


I had been quietly wondering whatever happened to this but I never brought it up because I was hoping they had forgotten about it.  And I’m not giving anyone any advice on whether they should participate or not but please know that when they send you a letter or an email asking whether you want in or out, if you don’t respond they will assume you want in and they will choose an electric supplier for you.  You must affirmatively opt out or they will opt you in.

There was a workshop presentation on the proposal at the February 17, 2015 Council meeting.  It begins at the 39:30 mark.  Click here to see the authorizing ordinance passed May 5, 2015.

Now The May 2 Meeting Is Postponed

The Common Sense Law Library


I had a doctor’s appointment last week and during the visit my doctor asked me about the $10 million lawsuit that has been brought against the borough.  I told him that I had the suit available up on the blog but that he would have to scroll back a couple of pages to find it.  It occurred to me that I should make all the legal documents I have archived on my Google Drive easier to get to.

I spent the afternoon yesterday going through my drive and locating all documents related to lawsuits against Belmar.  I created graphics with links to every one I have in my possession.  I set them up in chronological order on a new page called “LEGAL DOCS” and you can find the link to it on the upper right.  The graphic in this post also links to it.  This is by no means a complete archive of all documents related to lawsuits against the borough, it is just all of the ones that I have.  If I get any more I’ll add them on.

You can thank me later.

Last Week

NJ.Com Reports


More Marina Issues


The People’s Choice

David Schneck 23 votes

Miss Peggy at the Library 7 votes


Joy DeSanctis 2 votes

Gene Creamer 2 votes

Ken Pringle 2 votes

Marie Shepard 1 vote

Maria Florio 1 vote

Jim Bean 1 vote

Teresa Keefe 1 vote

Belmar Requesting Nominations

In today’s Star:


You can send your suggestions to the mayor…without allowing him to know your identity or capture your email address…by voting in today’s poll.

I have nominated myself and I included Peggy at the Library because she was nominated by commenter “Feisty”.  And while I can’t understand why anyone would want someone other than Miss Peggy or myself, I have provided the ability to write in your own choice.  Please do not vote just for “Other” without writing someone’s name in.

For some reason you have to be logged into Opinion Stage to see the poll results with the names of the write-in votes so I will put up screen shots of it every few hours.




Will keep updating throughout the day.