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Someone Wants Both Marks



There is no indication on the Levis sign who paid for the thing.

LiUNA Still Here

2/3 of the $3010 collected by the Belmar Democrats so far this year came from the Monroe local.  Another $500 came from realty investor Cajetan Salemi.  Most of the rest is from John Hutchinson, Barbara Hutchinson and Michele Casserly.

Click on the image to open the 3rd quarter report.

Last Week

Hanlon: Murphy Seeds Election Day Chaos



Raj: Liquor Licenses For Everybody!

There will be an Assembly Appropriations Committee hearing on this October 22 at 1:00.


Raj Mukherji was sponsor of the D’Jais bills and was the recipient of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from D’Jais.  He is also a labor attorney for the Borough of Belmar.

Candidates Speak

My humble thanks to the Coast Star for their permission to republish.



Have to say Mark Levis did a good job with both of his answers and I really liked what he had to say about over-development and PILOTs.

Heroic Belmar Rescue Recognized


Council Meeting Of October 16, 2018

AshBritt In New Controversy


contractors hired to remove debris from burned areas in Santa Rosa excavated so much extra material that they damaged driveways, septic systems, wells and other features on hundreds of properties


Given these subcontractors were paid per ton of soil removed, it is probable this over-excavation was an intentional effort to capitalize on this tragedy by defrauding the government


AshBritt, which contracted with the federal government to clean up the disaster, and another company owned by AshBritt chairman Randal Perkins together donated $250,000 to the state Democratic Party on Oct. 4, campaign filings show. Two weeks earlier, AshBritt CEO Brittany Perkins donated $29,200 to Newsom’s campaign, the maximum allowed.


Different Kind Of Tug

In the inlet


Looks like fun.