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But Governor Sununu, We’re Tired Of Winning



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Sweeney: Belmar Too Teeny


The 2019 Budget

Property taxes for municipal purposes increasing over 20%


Sheet 11, line 6a.

$1.44 million increase.  This is apart from the portion paid to the school district and the County.

Marina Grille, PILOT Payers Enjoy Benefits Of SID…

But still exempt from paying for it.


I pointed out the obvious unfairness of this situation at earlier SID budget hearings and was assured each time that the situation would be rectified.  It never was and I guess the Borough and the people who run the SID have no intention of ever doing so.

Since apparently in New Jersey the going price of a piece of legislation is about $10,000 in campaign donations, I would suggest those who are involuntarily in the SID, aka Belmar Business Partnership, get together and try to get this withdrawn 2011 Assembly bill resurrected.


Council Meeting Of April 16, 2019

Meetings Livestreamed





Como pushes state’s electric utility bill pooling scheme.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Belmar ever actually followed through with it’s aggregation plan.  Remember Doherty was going to have Maser run it for us?  I’m sure that would have worked out great.

What could go wrong with Maser in charge?

Bar Owner Sues Mayor Dougherty


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