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This Kind Of High Density Housing

Could only be approved by a high density Council




Council Meeting Of March 20, 2018

Magovern To Govern

For a few days, or the rest of the year?

Sorry the tape is loading to Youtube really slowly this time.  Will still be a few more hours.

So what’s going to happen is Matt is going to quit as of the end of the day on April 10. Brian will be mayor from April 11 to April 14 when the Council chooses from between three candidates to fill the post for the rest of the year.  The writer of the APP story below expects it will be one of the three Democratic members of the Council.



I guess the question for the Democrats is whether it’s more important for Brian to run for mayor as an incumbent or to protect his current seat by having him run for mayor from that seat.  If he leaves that seat to be mayor for the rest of this year, an outside Democrat will fill it for now, but there will have to be an election this fall to fill that seat for the 2019 session.  If there is a Republican sweep this fall they will take 4-1 control as some Republican would come in to fill Walsifer’s Council seat for the year.  Brennan would be the only remaining Democrat.  If Brian runs for mayor as a councilman and loses, he would at least still hold his Council seat for the Democrats.

I’ve also heard that Jennifer is not going to run for re-election.  Maybe the Democrats will appoint her as mayor until this fall and appoint someone to fill her current seat so they can run for a full term in that seat as an incumbent.

BTW, they’re knocking down Borough Hall and building a 5 story behemoth.

Going to be an interesting year.  If I weren’t moving soon it would be exciting to cover it.

Matt Moves On

Next meeting will be his last.

Schneck plans long awaited haircut.

The people rejoice!


Doherty Getting Top Spot

Rumored to announce resignation tonight.


Sullivan Bros…And Four Sons Of Belmar



Ultimate sacrifice:

December 2014: Brandywine-Fulop Project

Target of citizens’ petition.



I googled Brandywine’s Bruce E. Moore.  The results were not exactly what I expected.  Click on the image to see for your self.



Tomorrow’s Agenda

I heard Brandywine wants to knock down our Borough Hall and put a multi-story residential building on the site.

Hampton Residents Veto Budget

Imagine that!


Complete 2018 Hampton town meeting results here.