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Belmar Court Staff Makeover

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Next Tuesday’s Agenda


Lobster Limits Tightening

One of the hearings will be in Belmar:

Will He Veto?


“Protect your boat and keep it looking like new”


Marina Garage Had No Permit

Other violations found…..


Message From A Reader

Please get this info out to as many as you can. It very important to email the Governor’s office and call Beck’s office and let her know.  Very important!
I am forwarding this information to all tavern owners, residents I know would be affected and town officials in neighboring towns that would be affected.
Please help with a simple call and ALSO an email or forward your email to the Governor’s office asking to VETO this bill.
A1850 barely passed and Senator Beck, who’s husband owns a liquor license in Highlands was pretty much the determining factor.
Last year
48 yes in Assembly
30 yes in Senate
This year
41 yes
22 yes
We got many more NO votes for this in assembly than last year.  An Assemblyman from Neptune district voted for it in committee (3-2) then voted NO for it after realizing how it hurts the year round bar owners (Eric Houghtaling)
Belmar residents:
Please forward this out to friends that live in the area by D’Jais also any emails that have been sent now need to go to the Governor’s office like we did last year, especially from residents. This hopefully will be vetoed by the Governor.

Senator Beck voted for it partially because her husband owns Wind and Sea Restaurant in Highlands but also because she thinks it’s not a big deal and that the guys from D’Jais are good guys.

It’s really important we do this right now.

New Debt Statement Released

$38.6 Million

Full document can be read here.

Note that the municipal portion of the debt…that portion which the taxpayers are solely responsible for…is a whopping $19 million, as the mayor pointed out in a recent public appearance: