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Free Bumper Stickers Available

Tell your fellow motorists that you’re part of the 68% of New Jersey residents that oppose an increase in the gas tax!

(These were actually made to oppose the proposed increase in California’s gas tax, but they are certainly appropriate to display here in New Jersey.)

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I have 5 or 6 extras, so if you want one email me with your name and address and I’ll send one out to you.  If there’s enough demand I might even buy some more.

Tuesday’s Agenda

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$1000 from “Rebuild Belmar Pavilions”?

(Maybe they should have, you know, put that money towards rebuilding the pavilions?)


Listening To The Residents….

The Belmar way

From today’s Coast Star:

BELMAR — Despite objections from a resident, a resolution to allow for bids to run a Crossfit class on the Second Avenue beach was passed last week.

Theresa Sudnick, of Second Avenue, stood before the mayor and council to read aloud a letter that she said had been previously mailed to the borough.

Ms. Sudnick asked that the council “revisit the resolution,” and was in attendance at the meeting with a group of her neighbors, also of Second Avenue.

In her letter, Ms. Sudnick highlighted what she called existing problems that residents on her street face during the summer months, and went on to propose a few alternatives regarding the utilization of the beach for exercise classes.

“I’ve been a resident of Belmar for the past 30 years,” Ms. Sudnick said. “I chose to purchase a home in the north end of Belmar because it is a quiet residential neighborhood.”

Ms. Sudnick said that in the summer months, “the peace of the neighborhood has been disturbed” — not due to young, partying renters, but rather to exercise classes on the beach.

According to Ms. Sudnick, Zumba dance classes held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, both in the evening and the early morning, as well drum circle gatherings on Wednesdays, have created an annoyance for residents on Second Avenue……………….

………………..Mayor Doherty thanked Ms. Sudnick for her input, but members of council did not comment on her suggestions during the meeting, and the resolution was passed unanimously.

Following the meeting, Mayor Doherty said the council listened to Ms. Sudnick’s concerns, but ultimately chose to move forward with the resolution.

“It’s something we’ve done in the past, and it seemed to work out well,” the mayor said. “I’m sure with just about any event we have in town, you can find someone that objects to it.

“In this case, she did voice her objection, it was heard,” Mayor Doherty added. “We listened to her objections, just like we listen to all of our residents, and chose to move forward with the resolution.”

Belmar In The News

What A Turkey!



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Last Week

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Belmar’s Payroll

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