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Matt Loses Casino Job

No more Dohertys now at either KIVVIT or CRDA, two very strange words.


Kivvit Cofounder In The Loop On MeToo Plotting

Leaves firm just before AG’s evidence release, joins cannabis biz.


I had been giving the blog a rest but I couldn’t not share this.


Kind of an odd choice of a picture to use, don’t you think?

NY Assemblyman: Investigate Kivvit Contracts


Governor Who?

Kivvit goes into damage control:

Aside from pushing these two guys out, Kivvit removed from Maggie’s bio her work for Cuomo and some other disgraced politicians.

Archived 2020 version here.

Current bio here.

This Car Climbed Mount Washington


Post Notices The Connection

Reported on in these pages a year and a half ago.


NY AG: Kivvit Exec Advised Cuomo To Smear Accuser

Managing Director Josh Vlasto: Leak her private personnel records to the press!


D’Jais Gets $3 Million Revitalization Grant

Over 10X restaurant national average!


The Big Flipper


Your Tax Dollars At Work