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Mulshine Talks To Matt

Mayor speculates about beach tents being used for sex.

No idea why that would even occur to him.

Pavilion Promises Broken

Even the Coast Star has the impression that the bid involved some sort of catering privileges.

(Reproduced with the expressed permission of the Coast Star.)

Tandem Taylor Trouble

Tandem Bike Inn can’t get a date they want in Taylor.


They are booking at least some dates that far in advance and even into 2020.

Mayor: “We Wish That Common Sense Would Prevail”

Well I’m doing all that I can.

Not What We Need, Tom


Posts like this are not designed to counter the arguments of people you disagree with.  They are designed to make you angry at them so you don’t listen to their arguments.  If we are ever going to ever somehow come closer together in this country it must be done by peaceful persuasion between people who listen to each other and ignore what any violent kooks out there are doing.  It is the job of the police and the courts to deal with that.

What don’t need to be shoving this kind of stuff in each others faces.  And we don’t need to associate innocent people who we happen to disagree with, who never would have anything to do with any violence, with the actions of some kook somewhere.  None of this advances the discussion.

Sorry, Jim…Sorry NJ

Monmouth Bests

Prediction: 18-2.7 p,q Will Be Changed For Merri-Makers



Are We Causing Rips?

They don’t actually mean dunes.  They’re talking about replenishment.

Beach Spreading Crisis Spreads To Brooklyn

Brighton Beach, August 12