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Forwarded to me:

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Alphabetical list of Senators and their phone numbers:

First Ordinance Of 2017


No more licenses!

No more rabies shots!

The rest of Tuesday night’s agenda:


Last Week

The Town Hall

It was basically about an hour of infomercial followed by answers to questions from the audience unless you’re name is Mark Kirschenbaum or David Schneck.

Mark was told that since he lives in Wall he can’t ask a question and that if he makes any trouble he would be asked to leave.  Mr. Kirschenbaum has asked questions at several Borough Council meetings and was always very civil.  The way our mayor treated him today however was entirely uncivil and embarrassing to witness.

I was permitted to ask a question, which I thought was a very good question.  The mayor emphasized over and over that there would be no overall increase in the amount of property tax collected for the municipality and that probably the amount collected for the county wouldn’t change either.  He couldn’t make any guarantees for the school portion but it’s unlikely that would change by very much.  Even though the total property values in Belmar went from about $1 billion to about $1.6 billion as a result of the reval, the tax rate would go from about 1.9 cents per 100 dollars to about 1.18 cents to compensate.  Net revenue wouldn’t change.

The problem is that he spent the whole time encouraging people to appeal their assessments, explaining how to do it, telling them to call Robin Kirk for help and even gave out his own email and phone number.  But this doesn’t help his constituents as a whole.  We still have to pay the same amount of total tax.  For every constituent that appeals at the mayor’s urging and is successful, the rest of us are going to have to make up the difference.  If everybody appeals then we’re right back where we started.  I said they I wasn’t planning to appeal but if everybody else is then I might have to do so also.

The mayor’s response was to ask the audience to please ignore my question.

Unfortunately I had a problem with my camcorder and it didn’t tape the last 30 minutes of the meeting so I don’t have that part of the meeting on tape. (I accidentally had it taping to the camera’s internal memory, which was almost full, instead of taping to the memory card which has an 8 hour capacity. I won’t make that mistake again.)  Fortunately the Borough taped the meeting too so when they post it you can see the part of the meeting I failed to record.  When it’s up on You Tube I’ll embed it here.

2017’s Campaign: $8 Billion For Water

Greg Lalevee, business manager for IUOE Local 825:

My guess is that they already have a public affairs firm.

Booze Bill Passes Committee

Tape Of Today’s Hearing:

Click to listen to it.

The New Tax Map

Zoom in on the map to find lot and block numbers. (You have to zoom in pretty tight.)  Plug the numbers into the fields on the right and drop down to Belmar in the town field. When it locates the property click on the highlighted area for the property report. You can then click on “property card” for even more information.

Surprise Senate Hearing Tomorrow

On seasonal license bill.

I’m out right now, will try to get some details when I get home.

**Update: No further info on legislative website.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Things

It is my sincerely held belief that many of the brightest, most interesting people in town visit these pages and we are very fortunate that some of these folks occasionally send me their own research.  The information below was submitted by a reader who, like me, can’t understand how the Belmar Borough Council can pass 27 resolutions without any public comment being permitted.  He, like me, doesn’t buy the excuse that somehow the fact that it’s a reorganization meeting exempts the Council from having to hear questions and opinions from the public.  He wanted to see if that was accepted practice for our neighbors or if Belmar’s behavior is unique to Belmar, so he checked the reorganization meeting agendas for some other towns in the area.  Here is what he sent:


Asbury Park:

Happy New Year Belmar FWIW I attended Asbury Park’s inaugural/reorg meeting. The meeting was taped and there was a public session at the end of the meeting

Congratulations to Eileen Chapman, Yvonne Clayton and Amy Quinn.


Bradley Beach:

Public comments at the 2017 Bradley Beach meeting Jan 1



Manasquan had Audience participation at the Jan 3 2017 meeting.


Spring Lake:

Spring Lake had public comments at the reorg meeting.


Spring Lake Heights:

Spring Lake Heights had public comments at their reorg meeting


Wall Township:

Wall had public comments at their reorg meeting (note the residents in Wall get 7 minutes, interesting)



Neptune Twp had a brief meeting “Sine die” had to look that one up (with reference to business or proceedings that have been adjourned) with no appointed date for resumption. Learn something new every day. In addition they also provided for “PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR/PUBLIC COMMENTS”


Neptune City:

Neptune City encouraged public comments


Sea Girt:

Sea Girt provided for public comments



Avon.. I could not find the meeting agenda but as I have had the pleasure of chatting with Mayor John Magrini I would bet he would welcome public comments…. so  “one of these towns is not like the others….”


Mark’s Bio Up On The Website

Is he standing in the ocean dressed like that or is he wearing a bathing suit instead of his trousers?


Here are the others:

Matt’s  is a little thin.


Brian’s is pretty good.


Not bad but I sort of like to see paragraphs.


Tom just pulled an old resume out of the drawer.


BTW, what’s this guy doing still up there?  Isn’t he in jail or something?