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Top 5 In DWIs


Need A Tow Truck?

Actually this went on for about 25 minutes. Karen taped the last 4 minutes of it.


Great Weather Boosts Festival

I thought that absent the ocean backdrop it wouldn’t be as big a draw. I guess I was wrong. It will be interesting to see if having been to the downtown version of the festival they decide to come again next year.



BTW, we’re having a slightly different kind of festival up here this weekend.

The parade ends a few blocks from the new house so we’ll probably head over there in a little while and check it out.

Last Week

Tuesday’s Agenda


It’s On!

Early report:


All Residents Are Advised To Stay In Their Houses

Got an email from an old friend yesterday:



And just in this morning……


In preparation for Festival,

Belmar DPW workers

dig anti-tank trenches

Neither Knows How To File A Simple A-1 Form….

But they are going to solve Belmar’s budget crisis?


They don’t even have committees set up yet. Is anyone over there helping them?

This is going to be a fun year.

Pain Ahead


Best East Of The Rockies