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Council Meeting Of November 20, 2018

McCracken In


Taxes Stable In TR, Christine Credited



In the Frank Raia story published Sunday I incorrectly stated that the ordinance change that allowed swimming pools came “shortly after” a $1000 donation was made to Jennifer Nicolay’s re-election campaign. It has been pointed out to me that the Coast Star article published here was actually from October 2014 not 2015. The ordinance was changed eleven months before the donation not one month afterwards as the story stated.

Still would like to know why all that money was spent on these guys but I do regret the mistake and I do apologize.




See Christine Manolio’s Linkedin here.

Conflicts Of Interest

Three members of the Council, Magovern, Nicolay and Brennan, have received sizeable campaign contributions from Colleen Connolly.  They should recuse themselves from voting on the CFO appointment if she is a candidate for the job.


Monday Morning To-Do List

1) Mail a check to Robbin


We Could Have Saved Ourselves The $5250



There’s any number of reasons the Belmar Dems would want to put Colleen in there (none of them are good for Belmar.)  I’m really afraid that’s what’s going to happen.

On the bright side I guess if I want to keep reporting about Belmar there’ll be plenty to report about.

Hoboken Voters, Did Raia Pay Ya?

The DOJ thinks so!



Raia’s been very generous to Belmar Dems too. (He has a property here at 419 12th Ave.)

This one was for Jennifer,

And these for Matt.

You may recall that shortly after the $1000 donation to Jennifer, Belmar law was changed to allow people to put swimming pools on lots with no houses on them.

And shortly after that Raia put a swimming pool on a lot with no house on it.

I’m sure it was just a coincidence and I’m sure Colleen was telling the truth in the Coast Star article.

BTW, article  republished with permission.

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