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Tuesday’s Meeting (Starts @ 5:30)

They are starting at 5:30 to make time for the Elementary School’s mock Council meeting that they do every year.


Read all the resolutions here.

Doherty 20 Day Reveals A Wheel

The Borough has posted what it’s calling a Doherty 20 day post-election report but it’s actually just a spreadsheet of all donations made to his own campaign account during the period.  Belmar law requires him to submit to the Borough the same forms he submits to NJ ELEC and additionally submit a spreadsheet of the under $300 contributors that the state doesn’t require him to furnish.

At this point I guess it doesn’t even matter because he’s already conflicted a hundred different ways.

I did notice this though:


And it’s notable because of this:


July 5 Bill Luddecke donates $1000 to the Giblin campaign.  November 1 the Giblin campaign donates $1000 to the Doherty campaign.

This a textbook case of a pass-through contribution or “wheeling” and is one of the practices that Belmar’s Conflict of Interest law is trying to prevent.

Belmar, Como Most Dependent In Two Counties

Lake Como, with its court in Belmar, and now policed by Belmar, #1 town depending on court revenues in all of Ocean, Monmouth.

9.4% of budget.

Belmar itself was 3rd!



Seven towns relied on municipal court revenue to support more than 5 percent of their municipal budgets last year. They were: Lake Como (9.4 percent); Englishtown (9.3 percent); Belmar (6.8 percent); Point Pleasant Beach (6.5 percent); Allentown (5.2 percent); and Bradley Beach and Neptune (both 5.1 percent).

Hey, let’s import even more mayhem so we can make even more money!

Council Candidates’ 20 Day Post Election Reports






As is so often the case, the Democrats’ report has something in it worthy of discussion.

You may recall that in the closing weeks of the race some pro-Magovern-Blackburn mailers went out that were paid for by the Monmouth County Democratic Committee.  I published them here and questioned the legality of the County Committee paying to create and mail local candidate campaign materials.   At the November 9 Council meeting, prior to the meeting getting started, 2014 council candidate Mike Seebeck asked Borough Attorney George McGill about this apparent violation of Belmar’s Conflict of Interest ordinance.  According to Mr. Seebeck, Mr. McGill stated that the campaign would be reimbursing the County Committee for the cost of the mailers.

We see in the report that the campaign did sent the Committee $6000 that same day:


Funny how the cost came out to exactly $6000.  Seems more like a guess to me.  Also, I don’t believe the payment should have been listed as a campaign expense.  It’s not as if the Monmouth County Democratic Committee is a printing and mailing company.

I would think it should have been entered on this page of their report:



We also see on this report that Brian loaned the campaign $6000, also on November 9.



Which the campaign still owes to him:


Freeholders’ Deal With Unions Raises Eyebrows **UPDATED

Accepted $93,000 in donations.

Arnone: Deal a “home run” for County, “has absolutely nothing to do with the election”…..“mind-boggling that this is even a subject.”

Losing Democrats took more!




Belmar Dems take $7200 from Operating Engineers,

pay $8000 for “field consulting”.


bdc-contributionNo date listed for the above contribution.




From the Crossroads’ web site, here is a description of their “field operations”:


I didn’t notice $8000 worth of that stuff going on in Belmar but in any case in order to comply with Belmar’s conflict of interest law they shouldn’t be paying for that stuff to be done on behalf of any Belmar candidates.  Maybe it was being done to help Matt?



I missed this October report:





Another $7700 from the unions and another $4000 to Crossroads.

Suit Against Romulus Augustus Covered In MMM

img_1461 Picks Up Loko Suit Story


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