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Who Will Be Minding The Store?


About Last Night

I know people say all the time that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me about this thing or that but I have to say that this REALLY WAS the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me.  I still can’t believe that yesterday happened.  There’s nothing that will ever top it.  Just amazing.

Hat says “Common Sense For Belmar”

People said the kindest things about me.  All of it true, BTW.

I was speechless but I talked anyway.

Jim had a plaque made for me.

The porcupine is the mascot of the Free State Project but has become a symbol for libertarians everywhere.  I love this plaque. Can’t wait to hang it.

Belmar was kind enough to put a porta-potty on the yard for us.  (I bet that was a lot of work to make, BTW)

As exciting as our wedding.  Almost.  (Had to add that.)

I love these people.

Especially this one.


They’re making it very difficult to leave Belmar.

Underground Comedy

Schneck tests out his new act



Actually some of my wonderful friends with the Element threw a wonderful, really wonderful send off party for Karen and I yesterday.



I’ll share some other pictures tonight.

And Free Parking!


Cruz Bay Gloms More Spots At Taylor

Any questions just ask Colleen


Submitted by one of my wonderful readers:

Facebook Face Off



Last Week

Reader: Belmar PD AWOL

From national event


Meanwhile In Hampton…..

They’re going topless and voting on sewer pipes.



The State’s Bail Out Plan


The Schneck’s bail out plan: