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Council Meeting Of November 1, 2020

Tuesday Night


Resolutions here.

Ordinances not published yet as of this writing.

Complete Results


Belmar Likes Trump, Really Likes Pot


You Should Be Taxed Where You Earn

Or not taxed, in our case


Race Called


Of Every State/Province On The Continent


Here is the report.

With Republicans now in control in Concord it’s only going to get better.


I probably should have done this sooner but after being so deeply involved in Belmar politics for so many years it was hard to let go.  I’ve decided now to let go.  Honestly it just hasn’t really been that much fun since the Doherty show left town anyway.  The change in administrations actually changed things more for me than moving out of Belmar did.  It used to be so easy to find things to write about but now it’s sort of become a chore and I don’t want to have to spend time every morning looking for stuff about Belmar to share.

From today on the blog will be more focused on New Hampshire and national issues as they pertain to my new home state. I’ve purchased the URL , which when it’s up will link to this page.  Should be working in one or two days.  The link will continue to work as well.

If I do come across anything interesting about Belmar I will post it for those of you who might continue to check in from time to time but I’m not going to worry about going for days or even weeks without any new content to publish.

Obviously I have no readers up here, just like the old original days of the blog.  I may or may not try to gain a following up here, we’ll see how much energy I feel like putting into it.  I’m not really worried about it one way or the other.

Thank you all for reading all these years (11 to be exact) and you are all welcome to keep visiting.  For the foreseeable future the blog will be here and will never forget its roots in Belmar and I will never forget all the wonderful friends I have there.

I’m re-opening the comments but for at least the next few days I’m going to act like the rest of the media and not publish anything I don’t like.

No More Comments Please

Taking a break from moderating the comments, thank you.