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D’Jais Gets $3 Million Revitalization Grant

Over 10X restaurant national average!


The Big Flipper


Your Tax Dollars At Work


Moose Captured In Hampton

NH Fish and Game tranquilized him and are transporting him up north.

Shot was taken about 5:00 this morning near the house we rented while we were building this one.

Belmar Easter Bunny Chokes Referee


Some Things Never Change


Hampshire Dems Unhappy With Project Success


Where To Go When You Leave

Good choices: Tennessee, Delaware, Florida, South Carolina and of course, New Hampshire


Live Free And Fly

Free Staters, New Hampshire at cutting edge of flying car effort

Speaking Of Dual Purpose Rides…

Karen and I visited an Airstream dealer up in Maine yesterday. Seriously contemplating ordering one of these later this year for delivery next spring.

The plan is to use it weekends and for maybe a couple of one week vacations in 2022, just to learn about using it, and then in ’23 we’ll maybe retire…or at least for me, semi-retire…and go everywhere.