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Um…Aren’t You Forgetting Someone?


Como’s Costly Complications


2015 bond for Lake Como

project to be amended;


Amount borrowed to

increase by 450%!


Ordinance 2015-24; July 2015:

(2015-24 also happened to be the ordinance that unbundled the Taylor funding from the Como funding. Remember the fight over that dirty trick?)


Ordinance 2019-32; September 2019:

My guess is we might have gotten bad news about getting reimbursed on the $600,000 engineering tab from Maser. Also the legal dispute with Bird Construction could be a factor.


Anyway, here’s the rest of Tuesday’s agenda:

Last Week

BTW, I don’t have time to put it together right now, but check back in a few hours for what will be a very interesting post.

What Are They Dune??

Is this true? They put the dunes back? Did they get a permit this time?

What Time Were They Out There?

Dems go for the early riser vote

Payrolls Of Yore

Belmar’s 2008 municipal payroll

Meet The Candidates Not


Belmar’s Labor Contracts


Ed Kirschenbaum/Mike Campbell:


Frank Cinelli:


Belmar Supervisors Association:




CWA – Clerical:


Belmar PBA:

More Beach Badge Politicking

At Belmar’s suggestion:



Beachfront is still going to cost the same amount to operate.  This bill simply shifts part of the cost of running the beach from those with teenagers to those without teenagers.

The Bash And The Bishop