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But Josh, The Real Issues are…..

Paper bags and dune grass!


On those liquor license pay-to-play conflicts I would have reminded that not only is Brennan conflicted as long as he’s playing gigs, but Doherty is still conflicted for the next two years as well.  (And with Janis Blackburn, Jennifer Nicolay got us into a $10 million lawsuit over the Harmon liquor license vote.)  Liquor licenses are such an important issue in Belmar it’s ridiculous to have two Council members conflicted on the issue.

About the bonding, I think that a lot of people don’t know that New Jersey bonding law requires a supermajority of Council votes and that Mark and Josh together really can stop the bonding.  Josh needs to make that clearer.

The special events is a no brainer.  People are sick of them.

Mission Accomplished

A beautiful day.


Cathy Covers


Flashback November 9, 2015

Belmar allows construction of tiki bar, golf course and demolition of building



Last Week

Finally Grounds For Impeachment!

Not fake news at all

Trump in a dress “colluding” with Putin!

This is absolutely real.  It is not my wife and I after having too much to drink at a wedding.

So Let’s Try This Again

Planting scheduled

for tomorrow at noon.

The hole has been dug without the mayor arresting anybody so that’s a good sign.

The family informs me that anyone who would like to come and watch tomorrow is more than welcome to.

(At your own legal risk of course.)

Are Como’s Streets Wider?….

Or are they going rogue?


More Monmouth Musings

The Big List


Complete list of all tree permits and memorial tree Council resolutions under the Doherty administration:





I submitted my own OPRA yesterday, one that was a little more specific:


Maclearie Park, 10/14/2017 :