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Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now?

Thought it would be interesting to see what you guys thought about a few staffing decisions Mark will be having to make soon.  Not sure how long the contracts involved are so he might not be able to make changes right away.


Last Week

You Guys Need Raises!

Belmar near NJ’s bottom 1/3 in household income, 352nd out of 561.


At least we’re not in Atlantic City:

BTW, hate to brag but…..

Our new house is being built in Hampton.

What Are They Smoking?

They must be dune grass!


I received an email from a reader who happens to have a masters in coastal management from a very well known state university:


Good evening,

Thought this might be of interest to the blog. Apparently, the town decided to plant dune grass in near the entrance ramps of the board walk. See attached photos. Instead of investing in a protective natural dune system, they are wasting money on landscaping fixtures that will likely not survive. Much like the palm trees they used to plant there. The sand in areas where dune grass is planted needs to be deep enough to retain moisture. Dune grass is amazing in that the root systems can support 25 foot dunes. I tend to think this grass will die from either not having enough sustained moisture in the sand its planted in or just because its in a high foot traffic area. A waste.
Of note, I did see new plantings north of Taylor Pavilion on the east side of the boards, but the dunes are very close to the boardwalk. This is clearly a beautification move because dunes that close to a structure will provide little to no protection, but to be fair that section of the beach is wider and has a higher elevation.
I think they should have used astroturf.

Trump Pal’s Kivvit Contract


Must Be Nice

1:00 yesterday.  Lunch at Federico’s.

Thanks to the reader who sent this in!

“Put The Bain Marie Next To The Ballroom Please”

Approved kitchen plan with access to Taylor “Ballroom” indicates that catering weddings was the plan all along and not just an afterthought.

A bain marie, BTW, is a big table with hot water that you place pans of food in to slow cook or keep warm. I did not know that’s what they are called.

According to Wikipedia, the name:  “comes from the medieval-Latin term balneum (or balineum) Mariae—literally, Mary’s bath—from which the French bain de Marie, or bain-marie, is derived. The device’s invention has been popularly attributed to Mary the Jewess, an ancient alchemist. However, the water bath was known many centuries earlier (Hippocrates and Theophrastus)”

The Settlement With Freeze Out


A Good Foundation?


Ashbritt VP And General Counsel To Head Fla OEM