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Council Meeting Of July 17, 2018

We Lost

State education aid cut 1.14%, new figure 7% less than Murphy promised.



I called Senator Mike Doherty’s (R-23) office Monday because I wanted to find out how much Belmar residents contributed to the state income tax, which is collected nearly exclusively to use for state aid to local school districts.  Back in 2011/2012 I wrote quite a lot about the lopsided school funding in this state and at that time Senator Doherty had a web site about the issue.  I reported then, based on information from the site, that Belmar residents were paying over $6 million in state income tax.  What I learned in Monday’s call was that the state Treasury is very slow in providing these numbers, even to a State Senator, and that the $6 million number I got in 2011 was for probably 2008.  The newest number his office was able to provide for me this year is from 2012.  Obviously they don’t want us to know this information.

Here is the email I received yesterday from his office.



And here are the attachments she included.


In 2012 we contributed $8.3 million to the fund.  I’m guessing it must be something like $10 million now.  We get back less than $1 million and Senate President Steve Sweeney whines that towns like Belmar are raiding his “piggy bank”.

In this document you will find Belmar in the 30th legislative district.

The fact that residents of New Jersey are willing to put up with things like this is one of the reasons I have decided to leave this place.

Think They’re Bluffing?

We’ll see if they actually start spending money.


Tonight’s Agenda

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner


Speaking Of Bathrooms…..


16th Ave Bathroom Out Of Order


In Hampton This Morning….

A tent, a tent and a tent under a tent.


Saturday Submissions

Stands down at 15th Avenue:


and 13th Avenue:

Somebody needs a lifeguard for their umbrella.


Tent on beach seen from 12th Avenue:


Thank you submitters!

BTW, things have been somewhat interesting up here too:


Yes, up here.  We’re up here.  Still haven’t nailed down a rental that we like.  Right now we’re hoping it will be this one but it’s not a done deal yet.

It’s in Hampton, only about 10 minutes from our property.

Last Week

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