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I know many of you would like to see a smaller pavilion or no pavilion, but if we’re stuck with the current plan how much do you think it should cost?  I know, I know, it’s free, it’s free.


Last Week

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Tuesday’s Agenda

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Happy 4th!

Judge Reisner Drops Claudio Charges

Judge Oxley had refused appeal two weeks earlier.

Vitello attorney cries foul.

Coast Star reports:


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Republished with the permission of the Coast Star.




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In a related story, reports that the governor has announced his NJ campaign team.  Below is a partial list of his “finance leadership team” from the article.  Two of the names should be familiar to my readers.

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Conti, Ferreira

How Can They Do It?

Mantoloking to build 15,000 sq ft, 3 story municipal complex with:

Courthouse, police station, all municipal offices and community room.

All for under $5 million, including landscaping, furniture, police equipment!


Story in today’s Asbury Park Press!


52535701E 52535697EImages courtesy of the Coast Star.

From the borough’s website:

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Stolen Boat Recovered In Belmar

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Before There Was The Coast Star….

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.50.40 AMSome of you will appreciate the headline in the right side column.

Belmar Con Salsa!

Cacique Riders visit town.


I love the music.

Right To Contract

I’m sure there will be some interesting stuff about Belmar to talk about soon.  In the meanwhile I just want to make a couple of quick points about two issues that have been in the news that seem unrelated but are actually related.

They are both about the right to contract.

Government must honor the right of any adult of sound mind to enter into contract with any other person or group of people.  And the government is obligated to enforce the terms of legal contracts on the parties to those contracts.

Of course the problem with gay marriage is that it’s about more than legal contract.  By calling it “marriage”, the federal government is imposing it’s moral values  here, but each person’s moral values should be up to that person and not the government.  Separation of church and state, remember?  This is why government should get out of the marriage business altogether and simply use civil union contracts for gays, straights or even people who aren’t romantically involved but want civil union contracts for other reasons.  The philosophical or ceremonial aspects of the union should be outside the government’s purview and the government should not be endorsing or condemning any of it or forcing anyone else to agree with any of it or not.  The people make the culture, not the government.

But if the government recognizes the absolute right of contract when it comes to entering into a gay marriage, why won’t it recognize the right to work for $6 an hour?  Just as some people have legitimate reasons for wanting to enter into a gay marriage, some people have legitimate reasons for wanting to enter into a $6 an hour job.  Maybe there’s some other benefit that the government doesn’t know about.   Maybe the worker plans to goof off a lot.  Who knows?  In any case it’s not the government’s business to pass judgement on it.  Let the individuals involved work it out.  Just enforce whatever contract they enter into.