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Bridget Kelly: Fulop’s Belmar Race Win Annoying

From yesterday’s Bridgegate testimony, as reported by Bob Braun:

…..she called Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop “annoying” because he won a running race in Belmar and issued a statement saying he wanted to use the money–a $5,000 purse–to donate to recreation programs in  his town.

Indeed, despite trying to distance herself from the Christie administration’s efforts to punish Fulop for not endorsing the governor, Kelly had to admit she was “buying into the mentality” that saw Christie’s rivals as her enemies.

“The mindset was that he”–Fulop–“was always trying to grab headlines,” she said.


Sandy Recov Info Session Nov 2


My recommendation is that we give every household affected by Sandy a liquor license.

“Through The Efforts Of Our Mayor And Borough Council”

Main Street businesses get new sidewalks



Residents get ultimatums




This Could Not Be Good News…

Property revaluation notifications

to be mailed “week of” November 9,

one day after election.


When you refer to a “week of” don’t you usually use the Sunday or Monday date?

License Extension Hearing Thursday


I see they’re still framing it as “Sandy recovery”.  Anyway, if you oppose this bill you may want to attend the hearing or contact the committee members.


Click on the name for contact information:

Reed Gusciora

Benjie E. Wimberly

Chris A. Brown

Brian E. Rumph

Cleopatra G. Tucker


You may want to let them know that you know this.

“Just Vote No”?

Apparently the Dems think we’ve all, at this point, been conditioned to vote no on everything.


BTW, this was paid for by the Monmouth County Democratic Committee.  In order to comply with Belmar’s campaign finance law I think the Brian and Janis campaign is going to need to reimburse them.

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