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Last Week

More Weekend Violence


Must be the heat.

Captured on tape!

Common Sense exclusive video here.

Take NJ Transit To Belmar!

Bring the whole family!


To take advantage of NJT’s “Beach Package” and save up to $5.50 click here.

Tuesday’s Agenda


The Greatest Song Ever


Is she amazing or what?

Sea Girt’s Parker Problem


Parker House is one of the seasonal license holders.



Andrew Making More Work For Manager Maggie

America land of “discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism and the KKK.”


Maser Screws Up Again

“Wasn’t an error of Belmar”

(Except that we hadn’t already replaced our very bad engineering firm.)


Republished with the generous permission of the Coast Star.

My Most Popular Video

Tuesday last week marked the last Belmar video I will tape and post to YouTube.  A generous Belmar volunteer has stepped up to take over videotaping the Council meetings.  Thank you Generous Belmar Volunteer from all of us!

Can anybody guess which was the most watched video I ever taped in Belmar?   Was it one of the famous showdowns between Councilman Jim Bean and Mayor Doherty?  Was it related to any of the numerous petitions and lawsuits that the Borough has been served with (and lost) over the years?  Was it of the nauseating public tribute to Matt Doherty when he stepped down as mayor to head CRDA?  Or maybe the verbal beat downs he received for screwing up Joy’s tree planting or messing with the lifeguards?



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