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Matching Bitcoin Shirts Used To Establish Contact?

Local operative has ties to Deep State actor-turned informant,

expecting call from John Durham’s office


Story here.

Church’s Gracious Act


Bishop’s mass will be held

at Maclearie Park


Outflow Of Your Money

Borough files counter claim against Bird Construction over Como outflow project

Argues work was “deficient” and was in breach of contract


Filed August 8:


Angry Bird:

Read Bird’s original lawsuit here.

BTW, in case you didn’t know, you can look at all the Borough lawsuits that I have on my Google drive by going to the “LEGAL DOCS” page.

Council Meeting Of August 20, 2019

Soft Landing


Franny’s Plea To The Pastors


Parking Nightmare



Tuesday’s Agenda


Last Week

Not Even Touching This One