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Matt: Republicans To Blame

“Their assertions of previous depletion of reserves is inaccurate and their own budget shows significant increases in spending. Clearly the reason why they’re raising taxes is because they’re increasing spending,”


Top 5 In DWIs


Need A Tow Truck?

Actually this went on for about 25 minutes. Karen taped the last 4 minutes of it.


Great Weather Boosts Festival

I thought that absent the ocean backdrop it wouldn’t be as big a draw. I guess I was wrong. It will be interesting to see if having been to the downtown version of the festival they decide to come again next year.



BTW, we’re having a slightly different kind of festival up here this weekend.

The parade ends a few blocks from the new house so we’ll probably head over there in a little while and check it out.

Last Week

Tuesday’s Agenda


It’s On!

Early report:


All Residents Are Advised To Stay In Their Houses

Got an email from an old friend yesterday:



And just in this morning……


In preparation for Festival,

Belmar DPW workers

dig anti-tank trenches

Neither Knows How To File A Simple A-1 Form….

But they are going to solve Belmar’s budget crisis?


They don’t even have committees set up yet. Is anyone over there helping them?

This is going to be a fun year.

Pain Ahead