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Purple Roses’ Woe



Belmar Shares Man Who Couldn’t Be Bribed….


Does anyone know why it’s always Belmar providing the service and the other towns sharing it?   Why is it never the other way around?

Most Awful Crime To Ever Happen In Belmar

Republished with the permission of the Coast Star

2017’s Hand Delivered Ballots


Register includes people delivering their own ballots and authorized messenger ballots.  The ones that are blotted out are from other towns in Monmouth County.



Planning Board To Hear Loko Application


Bawdy Bike Ad

Cal Mancuso also owns a bike shop.



This is why I stopped riding a motorcycle, btw.

Last Week

Weren’t They Already Brand New Sidewalks?

That sidewalk was only put in a couple of years ago.


Belmar Bribe Hotel Update

The Belmar Beach Hotel, the location of an attempted bribe of the Belmar fire marshal, is on the state’s foreclosure sale schedule despite having been sold last October to 402-404 15th Ave, LLC, PO Box 3, Rutherford for $1.

Current owner is still shown as Gail Baron.  Not sure what her relation is to the alleged briber, Gabe Baron.


One thing that strikes me as very interesting is that this list has hundreds of entries and all of the plaintiffs on the list are financial institutions except this one.  In this case the plaintiff is an individual  named Cal Mancuso.

A White Pages search shows only two Cal Mancusos in the state, a father and son.


Not sure which one of them presently owns this trucking company:

but when Mancuso the father owned it he got in some trouble for forging stolen checks.

He got out of testifying at Faison’s retrial due to medical issues.

The son has had legal problems too:


These guys may seem kind of small time but believe it or not back in 2011 they had a lobbyist:



And as if this wasn’t all confusing enough already……

I received this email from a reader the other day.