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Belmartian At Army-Navy: Impeachment Lot Of Baloney


Last Week

Tuesday Night


The agenda:


The resolution packet:



Ordinance that rezones the Bank of America property is back on the table for 2nd reading, hearing (and probable adoption.)

Appropriation of $160,000 to pay legal reimbursements stemming from the previous administration’s civil rights violations.

Transfer of Jack’s Tavern license.

Another PILOT project. It’s for the two properties next to the 7-11 on 11th.


Here is the redevelopment agreement for it.

I hope that at the very least they send the school what it got from those properties before the PILOT.

Hits Four Parked Cars

December 4, 2:15 PM

I Need A New Congressman

I emailed my congressman, a freshman Democrat, to remind him that Trump won this district in 2016 and to point out to him how unlikely it would be that anyone here votes for Trump next year and at the same time votes for a congressman who voted to impeach him.

Here is his reply:


As Tom Dilberger (and some other guy Joe) likes to say, this is a bunch of malarkey.

Milestone Missed

Just noticed that last Friday marked 10 years since my very first post. Certainly far more people will read it here today than read it when it was originally published as I had no readers then.


This post today is the 4,287th. There have been 35,225 comments. I calculate that there have been a total of about 2.75 million page views. Thanks for reading and contributing with your comments, tips and submissions.

Last Week

He’s From Belmar


Hit and run bust!



11 days after that he crashed again!

Mark Your Calendars!


Tulsi And Me…..We Agree!

But only on foreign policy.



We discuss the situation in Ukraine.  (She gets it.)