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Well, Family Life Is Highly Overrated Anyway



Tip of the hat to “Bottom of the List”

I Just Called Gov’s Office

Still no action on A1850….

New Coaster On The Coast

No, I’m not going to try it.

Council Meeting Of March 21, 2017

Artificial turf ban, possibly only one in the state, to be introduced soon.

Brennan, Walsifer oppose.  Nicolay on the fence.

Existing lawns grandfathered.



Why Mayors Like Redevelopment

And taxpayers, school boards shouldn’t.


This is because the burden of supporting the school system will be borne by those property owners remaining in the “conventional tax scenario”.  It’s not really fair.

County Parties Not Listening

Jim and Tracy Bean attended yesterday’s Monmouth County Republican convention.  They were disappointed to learn that the candidate endorsements would not be decided by a vote of the people but I guess by some other means.


Also not listening to the people is State Senator Jennifer Beck, who voted “yes”on the Senate version of A1850.  Yesterday Jim responded to her speech in kind:

I’ve been calling the Governor’s office every few days for an update on the bill.  So far he hasn’t acted on it.

Ocean County Dems not only didn’t listen at their own convention yesterday, they didn’t even want anyone to be there:

Last Week

Fake Blues

Fake news


Fake brews


Fake Cruz


Fake boobs


Fake dunes

March 21 Agenda


I Bid $1 Million