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Last Week

Year Round License Conversion Dropped

S-1958 converted to ‘Let D’Jais open on parade day and 22 other days’ bill.



Money Bags

State to profit from pollution



BTW, speaking of beach smoking bans, Hampton doesn’t intend to enforce a smoking ban voted for at the town meeting last March.

Most of the beachfront in Hampton, including Hampton North Beach where we will mostly be going, are state parks and are not under municipal jurisdiction anyway.  The lifeguards at those beaches are state employees.  The two beaches affected by the “ban”, Plaice Cove and Sun Valley, are not part of the state park system. Plaice Cove is actually very beautiful and very close to our property there, but has no toilet facilities so I can’t spend more than a few hours there before I’d have to leave anyway. It’s not guarded either, not that it would matter to me.

Because they are all free, none of the beaches in New Hampshire have police on them checking badges.  There’s no way Hampton is ever going to waste police resources sending cops out tromping out on to the beach because of a report of someone smoking a cigarette.  So the state is not going to pass a law that it knows can’t be enforced.

Can’t wait to get up there.

Borough Put On Notice


Lifeguard lawsuit

on the way



From Tim O’Donnell,


Ray Elms,


and Harry Harsin

Resistance Grows To Condo Plan



Edelman compromises but also threatens to re-open the Inn:


Images courtesy of the Coast Star.

9th Ave Victim

So sad for his family.


Murphy Poaching Our Best Public Servants

Just kidding about the “best” part. And the “servant” part.

Not too late to pay $60 to see Matt.

Council Meeting Of June 19, 2018

Interesting Time In Seaside Saturday

Story here.

Summer 2018

Life is not a beach on 18th Ave.