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Sept 1 Agenda

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Hmm.  I wonder if that principle applies to human beings that sneak onto our beach without buying a beach badge.badge

…or to very illegally parked Mazda Miatas



*No Mazda Miata is illegal.

My Letter In Yesterday’s Coast Star

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2015 Maclearie Park Engineering Bills







Let’s Build Her A New House


“Home by Supper, 2015”?


Don’t Take Your Open Space For “Granted”

In pursuit of county Open Space grants, Belmar plans to eliminate most of the open space at Maclearie Park!

What we have now:

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It’s really not bad the way it is.  If you go there on any nice day you’ll see lots of people enjoying the tennis courts, the playground, the soccer field, the diving platform, the sailing docks and especially the picnic grounds.  If it were up to me, I would fix the bulkhead, the walkways and the bathrooms and otherwise leave it pretty much the way it is.  Aside from the beach, waterfront open space is a rare and cherished asset in a town that’s so highly developed.

Problem is that you don’t get Open Space grants and loans for leaving things pretty much the way they are, even if it’s already mostly open space.  Hence:

Calabrese master plan

What I’d like to know is if this is only “Phase 1”, where did they plan to take it from here?  It looks pretty much like it should be the final phase.  (If you ask me, I would think that new bulkheads would be phase 1.)

Anyway, this was the design that was drawn up in January of 2013, right after Sandy.  It was shown at a meeting held in March of 2013 at Turnstile Cafe but only residents of Rhode Island Point were invited to the meeting.  After that it pretty much sat in a drawer until the September 9, 2014 Council meeting, which was the first Council meeting after the special election, and with the mayoral election only a few weeks away.  There was a resolution that we would be pursuing a $250,000 county grant with the borough matching that amount so we could get started on the transformation.  This time around no attempt, other than the official notice in the Coast Star, was made to publicize the impending project in the Rhode Island Point neighborhood.  (The notice in the Coast Star about the grant application is a requirement of the grant application process.)

Sept 2014 notice

The hearing went unnoticed by area residents.  The only person to go to the mic was me.  I was concerned about the money they planned to borrow for later phases of the project.  (I don’t like borrowing, no matter the interest rate.)

So what did the residents of Belmar agree to by their silence?

They apparently agreed to have the open space at the park chipped away at phase by phase.  Now that we have the grant, 2/3 of the soccer field will be gone, replaced by tennis courts, bocce ball, and a 50 foot open pavilion with restrooms at one end.  So far, although we have the money, we haven’t done anything with it.

Fast forward to June 30 of this year.  Flyers went out to residents of, again, only Rhode Island Point, announcing another meeting about Maclearie Park “improvements”.   At the meeting a graphic was displayed showing changes to the original plan:


An OPRAed letter from Maser to Paul Gleitz, an Open Space acquisitions administrator at the county, explains the changes that were needed when the new donated playground was installed.  (It seems it was put in a location that screwed up the original plan.)

Maser letter to county

A resident who attended the meeting reports that there was much opposition expressed to the new plan and to the redevelopment as a whole.  (As was the case with the previous neighborhood meetings about Maclearie Park, no minutes were taken.)  It is reported to me though that residents in attendance requested there be another meeting, this time with the engineer present.  While waiting for another meeting, so they could learn all the facts, particularly about whether there are plans to repair the bulkhead and how the repairs will be funded…….boom!

Notice for Sept 1

A second public notice for a public hearing on a grant application for phase 2!  Rather than resolve differences with the community over what what was planned so far, they are just steamrolling ahead to the next step of their plan.

The hearing on the future of Maclearie Park will be part of the regular Council meeting of Sept 1, next Tuesday, at 6:00 PM.  If you use Maclearie Park and care about Maclearie Park, this may be your last chance to be heard before they start tearing out what is there and making permanent changes to a park that generations have enjoyed just the way it is!

Non Tipping D’Jais Diners Go Into Hiding!

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APP: He Said WHAT?



Last Week

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The Plans

Click to see the entire thing.Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.22.04 AM