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Tuesday’s Agenda


Candidate Quotations

From today’s Coast Star.  Thanks Coast Star!

Jim Bean:

Tom Carvelli:

Maggie McBride:

Jim McCracken:

Cheryl Russo:

We Are Not Belmarsians…

We are Belmartians!


I’m very insulted.

Last Week

She Didn’t Petition A Campaign



You know if an opposition campaign contacted Ms. Manley because of her strong voice on issues of pedestrian safety it would be entirely appropriate.  It is a legitimate campaign issue.

And of course it is also entirely appropriate for members the Council that was being petitioned to write to Ms. Manley. They should be writing to her.  But why are only the Council members who are running for re-election writing to her and why is it written it on campaign stationary instead of on a Belmar letterhead?

I don’t understand it.  Feels sort of Mattish.

Stole Money From Youth Basketball

Gilliam out as AC mayor

Marty Small now boss of City Hall


I don’t know how long Small is going to last. As you know he is under investigation by Common Sense for Belmar.

No Issue

Election being held without bond


Council Meeting Of October 1, 2019

* Bond ordinance tabled *

Walsifer: Good financial moves mean we might not need the whole $1.3 million.

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