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Tuesday’s Agenda



Looks like maybe some of our past accounting practices were not exactly what they should have been.

That’s What We Did


Don’t Worry, Maser Says They Are Going To Help Us

On second thought…worry.

10th Ave Pavilion All Wet

Reprinted with the generous permission of the Coast Star

Route 40: Murphy Lays A Brick On AC


The story about New Jersey’s lawsuit payouts is pretty interesting too.  (They get sued even more than Belmar!)

More gaming news: Tolson bets on the right horse at Monmouth:

Shouldn’t Be A Problem

There won’t be any facts there


It Was A Great Day For……Merri-Makers

Borough web page still commemorates day of political stunt


One of a set of rotating photos on the municipal home page:

BTW, I see somebody hacked an ad into the site.  The same thing was done a few years ago by some website selling fake watches. Seems the Borough’s website should be more secure against this.

I Guess They Hadn’t Heard I Moved

Vandals destroy birthplace of Common Sense for Belmar


Don’t Know If I Necessarily Believe This…

But they’re right about at least two voters in Hampton.


BTW, the Old Salt restaurant in the photo is right down the road from our rental house here and we’ve eaten there lots of times and stayed in their hotel there lots of times before we moved here.  Very nice place.  Food is great, staff is very friendly and the hotel allows pets.

If It Looks Like A Pass-Through

And quacks like a pass-through….




It’s a pass-through.

(Maybe the $300 left over was the handling charge.)

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