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Health Hazard On 35



Gov @ D’Jais


Connolly To NEWS12: No Problems!

Then why is there only one guard there?

Overnight Inlet Incident

2:00 AM collision with Shark River jetty.  No injuries.


Last Week

Lifeguard Update

From our amazing roving reporter:

Stands Unmanned!

Reportedly only 6 guards from 13th Ave to 20th and reports of equipment trouble.


I’m going to add submitted photos to this post instead of creating a new post for each.



Report From 20th Ave


Thank you, 

I’m stuck home today but I’ll publish any pictures you guys send me.

Milestone Missed

I knew this was coming up but then I forgot to keep checking.  It happened a couple of days ago but I didn’t notice until yesterday.





I counted back and here is the 25,000th comment.  It was the 28th comment on the “Fake News Or True Views?” post.

This blog would have been nothing without all the fantastic comments that have been submitted over the years.  I really want to thank all of you for your participation.

Doherty Violated 1st Amendment Too…

Blocked me and others from viewing his Facebook while he was still mayor.


Even now as a public official he is probably still in violation.