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Council Meeting Of June 18, 2019

Hong Kong After Millions March:



Belmar after Bar A closes:


Amicus Brief Filed By The American Littoral Society

In support of the Susko Petition for Certification


The “Statement of Facts” section provides some interesting reading.

D’Jais Donations In 2019

At least so far


BTW, the date on that last one, to Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, is a typo. It was actually made on March 22 of this year.  Danielsen, you may recall, chaired the Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee hearing on the seasonal license expansion last September.

Can anyone guess the total amount of political contributions D’Jais has made over the years?  $75,000?, $100,000?, $125,000?

For the answer, click here.

Tuesday’s Agenda

And The Winner Is…….Jade Glab!




Last Week

Why We Are What We Are


PILOTs For Dummies


Rigorous Request!

I always worry when I see so much fine print in a request for bids, proposals or qualifications. Remember the garbage trucks?

I see that multiple times the Borough tells potential designees that they must comply with Belmar’s pay to play laws and even included a copy of the law in the packet.

I wish it were as tough when it comes to certain political candidates

or certain unelected public officials.