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Last Week

Tuesday’s Agenda

Schueler out as prosecutor, Sean Kean in

Court administrator replaced too

Fishy business at Taylor



You may recall that the application to become an officially sanctioned vendor for the Taylor pavilion was so complicated that I was worried nobody would bother with it.


Looks like nobody did except Nick Fuccilli, Brian Katz and of course the Botts.

I’ve OPRAed the applications.

Also, the Botts are getting some different terms for their lease payments:

OPRAed that too.

*Update. Lease amendment was attached to the resolution packet. ( I missed it.)


Is This Too Boring?

I never know what people are going to find interesting.


Have Your Questions Ready


If I still lived there and I was visited I would say that nobody likes a tax increase but at least it’s a plan.  What is the Democratic plan to get Belmar out of this $35 million hole they left it in and what in either candidate’s background suggests they have any clue what to do about Belmar’s problems.

Still No Arrests


All For Some Darned Socks


Last Week


Dems to the rescue!


With those credentials I’m sure they’ll figure everything out.

Probably The Strangest Headline I’ve Ever Run

Socks stolen from

Miss New Jersey’s porch


Another Vehicular Assault In Belmar

I believe this was filmed by Bill McKim.  At the very end of the tape the guy in the truck almost runs over the guy on the bike.