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Live Free And Fly

Free Staters, New Hampshire at cutting edge of flying car effort

Speaking Of Dual Purpose Rides…

Karen and I visited an Airstream dealer up in Maine yesterday. Seriously contemplating ordering one of these later this year for delivery next spring.

The plan is to use it weekends and for maybe a couple of one week vacations in 2022, just to learn about using it, and then in ’23 we’ll maybe retire…or at least for me, semi-retire…and go everywhere.

Breaking News Today On That “Other” Blog


Reuters Completely Incurious

As to what 27 people were doing in a Ford Expedition

Apparently they don’t think it’s at all interesting or relevant to the story.

Belmar Forming Emergency Medical Services Division

You can read the ordinance over at that other blog.

Chrysler Faces Largest Recall In History

Sensibility injuries number in the hundreds of thousands

GM preparing to recall every Pontiac ever made


Big Bust


Jerry’s Running As A Dem

Sandy has the story here.

Blunder Road


Interesting Read

Be sure to visit The Belmar Blog today.