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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Tuesday’s Agena

  The easement is for a wheelchair ramp at 706 10th Ave

Belmar…….Nicht !

Belmar’s Oktoberfest doesn’t make the cut.   My vote goes to the candidate who promises to change “Oktoberfest” back to the “Belmar Fall Festival”.  Or just gets rid of it completely.

No Tom, It’s Disrespectful

And if you think  our country isn’t good enough for everyone to stand for when our national anthem is playing  you have no business being on the Council.  

Rogue Pole Evicted

    Common Sense exclusive on the scene:

Fla State Attorney Drops Lawsuit….

Still refuses to answer Kivvit questions  

“Get To Know Me!”


Sea Takes One Of Us


Town By Town Tally


Harmon: We Can Do Better


Birdsall’s MacFadden To Be Sentenced Friday