Common Sense For Belmar Liberty Begins At Home

October 31, 2017

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

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Bid specifications for new carting contract seem awfully specific


Read the entire document below:


Will be interesting to see how many bids come in.


October 30, 2017

Harmons Drop Suit Blocking Loko/Belmar Deal

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Will concentrate on $10 million federal racketeering suit.

Roger McLaughlin: “redeveloper…has been victimized by Belmar as much as (Harmons)”

Doherty: Both suits…………..frivolous!


Perkins: We Are Not Suing You

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Perkins: We Are Suing You


October 29, 2017

If We Had Six Fingers…

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Then we would be using base twelve instead of base ten and it would be the sixth, twelfth and thirty sixth anniversary of things we would be commemorating instead of the fifth, tenth and twenty fifth so the whole exercise is completely arbitrary and doesn’t really interest me.  It’s not like anything suddenly changes from the day before to the day after that special fifth trip around the sun since some event occurred.  It’s no different than if it was the fourth trip or the sixth trip.

I know politicians and the media love these multiple-of-five anniversaries because it gives them something to talk about even when there’s nothing new to talk about but I find it all very boring.  So if you came here looking for gooey sentimentalism and reflection over something just because it’s been five years since it happened I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what happened.  Look how much of my life have I spent on reporting about it here.  I just don’t care that it’s been five years.

Last Week

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October 28, 2017

Message From Josh Vallario

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Re-Elect Tom Who??

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In all my years I never saw a campaign flyer with the candidate’s name spelled wrong.

BTW, with a councilman who can do all these things, who needs a mayor?


Car dealers bad.  Bars good.

Still Working On It

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Omega Girls Want Answers

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Get obfuscation and evasion.

One of the sorority sisters wrote to the mayor on the 18th.

I don’t know if she ever received any response.

The following day the sorority sister who had made all the email arrangements with Brian wrote to Brian and the mayor.





Truth Be Told, Maria

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Taylor would have been better, right?


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