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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Who’s The Boss?

Check out this video: They have a pretty good blog too, click here:

“The Toughest Campaign Laws In The State”

In the last election we heard boasting that under the governing Democrats Belmar implemented the “toughest campaign laws in the state”.  Well it is now entirely possible that every candidate for office in Belmar last fall, all seven of us, whether wittingly or not, are in violation of some provision or another of those laws.  The latest revelation comes […]


Hopefully the new Belmar website is still a work in progress and the bugs will be ironed out soon. Navigating to the meeting agenda and minutes page (my favorite page) now takes a little doing and has some broken links.  Here is the way that needs to be fixed: 1) Click on “Municipal” 2) Drop open […]

The Next Big Scam

From today’s Wall Street Journal: The federal government next week will launch a massive study to see whether workers who helped clean up last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill are getting sick as a result of those jobs. The study was commissioned after some cleanup workers reported chest pain, headaches, breathing difficulties and other […]

What We’re Up Against

In the “Your 2 cents” page of yesterday’s Asbury Park Press’ @issue section there is an entry from someone (a teacher, I presume) using the name “sniperfire”.  The appropriately-named writer illustrates the arrogant mind-set that that results from a policy of allowing the unionization of public workers.  Let’s examine it one sentence at a time: . If […]

Big Government At It’s Worst

And Bahrain is our “friend”

Fox News Apologizes

Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee

So the Doherty administration wants to loosen some of the laws restricting life and politics in Belmar.  As a libertarian I should be pleased, especially since it was I who had publicly questioned the need for one of the laws slated for repeal, the ban on sandcastle building.  But I’m not pleased.  The laws that […]

Fox News To Issue On-Air Apology Today

Read about it here.

Faux News Channel

  The maker of this video has Fox’s email wrong. It’s This one is even more damning: