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Monthly Archives: April 2014

This Is Getting Ridiculous

. The May 1, 2014 meeting of the Mayor and Council will be carried to Tuesday, May 6,2014 at 6pm. HOWEVER, due to notice requirements on the ordinances, we will still meet on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 6:00pm. This will be a very short meeting to announce that the resolutions and ordinances will be […]

Are We Finally Coming Around?

Front page of today’s Wall Street Journal:   Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs even as a showdown with Russia over Ukraine preoccupies Washington, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the U.S. to […]

Men With Shirts

Don’t you love people who show up at and videotape public meetings and then put them up on You Tube?  They are the true heroes of our age. Here are a few clips of some of the totally bogus public hearings held on August 16, 2011 about the totally bogus Port Authority toll hikes that […]

So Why Waste Our Time With A Hearing?

From the Asbury Park Press: Next month, Belmar is expected to become the next Jersey Shore resort community to prohibit smoking on its beaches. “We will have a ban in place for the summer,” said Democratic Mayor Matt Doherty.

Ees Not Our Yob, Man!


What Makes Them Run?

There’s only two reasons. I had lunch yesterday with 15 or 20 Libertarians from the area that are hoping to organize the party at the county level.  State party Vice-Chair and 6th district congressional candidate Dorit Goikhman led the meeting and was elected County Chairperson.  She is an attorney from  Morganville.  Sitting in on the […]

Silver Lake A Street Outflow Work Underway

Spotted this while walking the pooch.

One Bust Too Many?

From the Asbury Park Press police blotter:   OCEAN AND 11TH AVENUES: Joseph G. Frey Jr., 55, of 10th Avenue was charged Aug. 27 (2005) with driving while intoxicated and assault with a motor vehicle by patrolmen Mike Campbell and Darian Vitello. FIFTH AVENUE: Carl B. Purnell Jr., 63, 11th Avenue was charged Oct. 29 […]

Mayor Has A New Job

Don’t get excited, I’m talking about his day job.  (Looks like he had a couple of months off recently.)