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Monthly Archives: July 2011

L.A. Dumps Red Light Cameras

And Florida is working on it. “Cheers and embraces among Cuban-American lawmakers from both parties, for who the cameras invoked big-brother memories from their communist homeland.”

Save The Barclay

I regret that I couldn’t get to the meeting about the Barclay in time last week to put my 2 cents in on the subject.  Not that it would have made any difference, but if I was able to speak I would have supported the Vitas’ request to allow an expansion of their license.  As always, […]

Coast Star Coverage

Some good press from the Star:  Schneck proposes resolution for division of income tax dollars By Molly Mulshine Belmar resident David Schneck approached the dais at the July 6 council meeting to suggest a resolution to members of the governing body regarding the division of tax dollars for educational funding. The proposed resolution, which Mr. Schneck […]

Closter Too!

Closter Supports Fair School Funding .

It’s Official!

Last night the council passed the Fair School Funding resolution by unanimous consent.  I’d like to thank Mayor Doherty and every member of the council, especially Claire Deicke, who was instrumental in getting it passed.  Of course if the plan becomes law, there will be a lot to discuss about how the $3 million should be used, […]

Thank You!

To whoever agreed to put the Fair School Funding resolution on tomorrow night’s agenda, thank you.   As you know, Trenton’s abusive policies towards towns like Belmar is the core issue driving my political involvement.  It’s very gratifying to have actually been able to get something done about it. RESOLUTION 2011- RESOLUTION FOR FAIR DISTRIBUTION OF […]

The Red Light Camera Tax

In a letter to the Asbury Park Press, Belmar resident Michael Rothenberg makes a common mistake, one made very often by politicians. He states “Anything that can create more revenue for this bankrupt state and individual towns without raising taxes is fine by me.”  What he seems not to understand is that when money is taken from it’s rightful […]

Rible’s Conflicting Oaths

“……and I do further promise – and declare I will not – by word, deed, sign or token – injure a fellow member of this Association” As the Asbury Park Press reports, this (somewhat creepy) PBA loyalty oath was taken David Rible when he became a cop.  He now stands accused by the PBA of […]

Ron Paul’s First TV Ad for 2012

Union City Swimming In Your Money

Paul Mulshine brings to our attention the beautiful Ronald Dario Swimming Complex paid for with your money, but open only to residents of Union City (who contributed basically nothing).  Do you go to work every day so the people of Union City can have this?