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Monthly Archives: August 2010

This Week’s Ad……No More “Curly” Light Bulbs!

Their Ideas and My Ideas

A sampling of some of their great ideas: > A “Special Improvement District” that forces our businesses and commercial property owners to pay extra taxes for “improvements” during a time when many of them are struggling already. > Joining the New Jersey “Live Where You Work ” program that uses state-backed mortgages to manipulate what town people live in […]

Asbury Park Press? Or The New Black Panthers?

From it’s editorial about Glenn Beck’s rally today: There is no shortage of angry, doughy, white guys in this country who feel shortchanged and cheated and, rather than looking in the mirror, prefer to blame every failure and setback in their lives on those with more melanin than their own pasty selves. The Asbury Park […]

New Jersey Misses An Opportunity To Blow Even More Money

From The Heritage Foundation: Morning Bell: Secretary Duncan’s Race to Waste Your Education Dollars Posted By Conn Carroll On August 27, 2010 When Education Secretary Arne Duncan first unveiled his Race to the Top (RttT) program in July of last year, he admitted [1]that “when I was superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools, I did […]

This Week’s Ad

Ed Koch once said that if you agree with him 80% of the time you should vote for him and if you agree with him 100% of the time time you should see a psychiatrist. Maybe our mayor and council should go for group therapy.

Finally Some Movement On Mandates

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I pin most  (but certainly not all)  of the blame for our astronomical property taxes directly on Trenton.  It’s never ending redistributionist schemes and it’s interference in local affairs has made municipal budgeting close to impossible.  I have outlined the massive amount of state mandates several times, including here.  […]

New Jersey Cops A Plea

New Jersey has settled a suit from the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that it misrepresented the health of state pension funds to investors when issuing billions of dollars of state bonds.  They wouldn’t admit to doing anything wrong, but promised to never to do it again. Christie Duffy will fill you in on the details.   New Jersey Education […]

This Week’s Ad

“Smart Government” Can Be Pretty Dumb (and expensive too)

I have repeatedly voiced my opposition to government investing in or running business ventures.  It creates all sorts of conflicts of interest, moral hazards, and opportunities for corruption.  It is also manifestly unfair to force private companies, who must get all their funding through voluntary exchange, to compete with an entity that uses force to get it’s funding.  Businesses that […]

Sneak Preview!

This week’s ad.