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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Maybe He Should Have Read The Petitions First

Everyone in town received this letter from the mayor yesterday.  I really wish he would provide an electronic version of his letters on the borough website.  As it is I had to scan it and then chop it into 7 pieces in order to pick it apart.  If you click on any of the little […]

Maybe They Mean The Color Of The Curtains

This morning’s front page of the borough’s website: If you click on the image you’ll go to the “send us your ideas” page.  There you can see all the suggestions that were made last year and ignored.  Also ignored is the results of last year’s special election.  The pavilion ordinances that will be passed on […]

Last Week

Feel The Love


Tom Volker Named Belmar Citizen Of The Year…..

….And joins George Komitas and Clair Deicke as one of Belmar’s Immortals.   Personally I don’t think we should have such a thing as “Citizen of the Year”.  I think it’s divisive, really serves no purpose except for the politics of it and the whole thing just seems kind of stupid.  But if we had […]

Broadco Suit Dismissed Without Prejudice

Which means they can re-institute the suit if they want to comply with the discovery requirements.   Click on it to read it.   deRouville fights on and refuses offer to settle:   Again, click below.  This one contains transcripts of the depositions.  Pretty interesting stuff.

Vehicular Homicide Charge In 2014 Connolly Station Altercation

Click on the image to read all about it.

Press Covers!

Click on the image to link to the article.

What Do The People Want?

One pavilion?  Two pavilions? No pavilions? We certainly know what they don’t want.  They don’t want the plan that was soundly defeated in last summer’s special election and that has been reintroduced unchanged and attached to a very important infrastructure project that everybody wants done. When I was out last year campaigning for a “no” […]