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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Keynes vs. Hayek, Round 2

. And for those who missed the original:

The Vote Totals

  The totals for all votes cast (including write-ins).  Total number of write-ins was 49, or almost 4%.  Sorry the headings for the districts don’t line up.                   BOARD OF EDUCATION ELECTION APRIL 27, 2011 DISTRICT     1 2 3 4 5 TOTAL VOTE BY MAIL TOTAL NO. […]

Government Schools Produce Shortage Of Education

Parents camped overnight last night to enroll their kids in the Ann Street School, one of Newark’s few that parents actually want their children to go to. Whether it’s Newark parents lining up for a decent education for their kids, or Russians lining up for toilet paper, anything produced by the government is perpetually in […]

Ron Paul’s Announcement


The School Board Non-Election

It really is a shame that the three school board members running for re-election this year are running unopposed.  After last year’s council race a number of people approached me about the possibility of my running for school board this year.  I have no interest in being on the school board because I don’t believe […]

Obama? Or Atlas Shrugged?

Saw Atlas Shrugged twice in the past week.  I enjoyed seeing some of the famous scenes acted out but for those who didn’t read the book it might be hard to follow.  Incidently, the book, always a strong seller, has jumped to #4 at Amazon since the movie came out. In honor of the movie […]

Johnson’s In!

The former New Mexico governor makes his announcement yesterday.  I hope to see him again at Porc-fest this year. Ron Paul’s VP?

Revised Campaign Flyer


Make The Rich Pay Their Fair Share

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Has Dave lost his mind?  Has he done a complete 180 and now sides with the leftys and the unions?  Relax.  While I do think the rich should pay their fair share, I also believe anything close to fair would be a lot less than they are paying now, considering that currently […]