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Monthly Archives: July 2014

We Paid Maser Consulting $150,000

For engineering work on pavilions that were never built! . After petitions were turned in demanding a vote! Before Judge Lawson ruled on legality of funding plan! . Click on the image:  

Flashback 2013

When we still believed.

Fox Covers!

Earth to Mayor Doherty.  Earth to Mayor Doherty.  Ken Pringle’s lawsuit DID NOT CHANGE THE LAW.  The law is exactly the same now as it was before the lawsuit.  Now if you thought you could have gotten away with…………… Rest of the story here.

Another Low-Life Coming To Belmar To Break The Law?

This time it’s New Jersey’s abuser-in-chief, Chris Christie! From my inbox: With All the Pressing Concerns in New Jersey, Governor Christie Finds Time to Advocate for a Yes Vote for Belmar’s $7Mil. Bond. For the first time in New Jersey history, the governor took time out of his busy schedule to take sides in a […]


Just the Facts, one year ago. How many times can we use that $727,000?

This Is What Happens

When You “Oppose Recovery”   You get a beautiful new pavilion for only about $1.3 million.

Fios Reports!

Fios1 News, which I must confess I never heard of before yesterday, visited the boardwalk to report on the dispute over Doherty’s plans for the donated Buy-a-Board funds: Notice Doherty always talks about the legality of it, like his resolution expanding the permitted uses of the money—which none of the actual donors voted for—or the […]


SUSPECTS IN DISAPPEARANCE:  EVERYBODY! From the prosecutor’s office:   Now what was that about another $7 million you want to borrow? .

Epically Litigious

Robert Epifano Sr. is the founder and chairman of Epic Construction, the company that built the boardwalk and will build the pavilions if the $7 million bond passes.  Through his work for the Laborers Union, the Carpenters Union, and also apparently by lending his name as a plaintiff for the bricklayers union, he has used […]

The Week