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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Network

  From the story: Probe: AshBritt towns don’t get funds faster Politically connected AshBritt’s biggest selling point to Sandy-hit towns was that it could get federal reimbursement for debris removal faster than competitors. But millions of extra taxpayer dollars later, that hasn’t proven to be true, the Asbury Park Press found. Smaller, cheaper cleanup operators […]

Uncle! Uncle!

Up until now I’ve been in favor of allowing the sequestration to happen.  I have been ready to accept the crime, pestilence, foreign invasion, terrorist attacks and total breakdown of the national infrastructure that would surely accompany the implementation of the sequester.  Anything to save a few bucks. But I learned something this morning that […]

OK. Keep The Sequester Money

And Cut All The Rest!   If it is the $85 billion (that the sequester would cut) that has enabled the government to put out our fires, jail our criminals, educate the kids, run the parks, inspect our food, keep the Iranians from invading and prevent another recession, then we would have to be crazy […]

A Little More Humility Please

And A Lot Less Planning!   “The man who thinks he can live without others is mistaken; the one who thinks others can’t live without him is even more deluded.” Hasidic proverb . One of the real problems with government is that it’s leadership tends attracts people who have an overly high estimation of the […]

Mayans Predict Sequestration Will End The World!

The official Mayan news agency has predicted that the minuscule little snips in the amount that federal government spending is set to increase will cause the end of all life on earth! Who knew we have been living one little sequestration away from total world obliteration?

Codey Calls For Clean-Up Audit

In yesterday’s Press: NJ lawmaker questions price charged by AshBritt for Sandy cleanups   TRENTON — Wide differences in how much money Shore towns spent on superstorm Sandy cleanup work have prompted a lawmaker to call for a state audit of the bills. Sen. Richard J. Codey, D-Essex, said Thursday many towns got soaked by paying […]

State Sides With Bean, Myself On Gift Cards.

Also in yesterday’s Press: Critic, state contend Belmar shouldn’t be in charity business Town gives gift cards to taverns, shops to Sandy-affected residents while keeping list secret   Actually any time I find myself agreeing with the state I get worried, but in this case NJ has it right. From the story: But the grants […]

Council Meeting of February 20, 2013

Sorry the tape ran out shortly before the meeting ended.

Where Are You Guys?

Where this past week’s hits came from: 198 Hits 49.38% Belmar New Jersey, United States 43 Hits 10.72% New York United States 30 Hits 7.48% Spring Lake New Jersey, United States 19 Hits 4.74% Eatontown New Jersey, United States 12 Hits 2.99% Long Branch New Jersey, United States 12 Hits 2.99% Trenton New Jersey, United […]

Oops! Jim Bean Was Right!

“I hate when that happens!”   Last night Jim Bean expressed some consternation that all this funny business surrounding our Sandy spending might endanger our FEMA reimbursement.  Of course this concern was summarily dismissed by the Democrats.  The tape containing this exchange will be up here soon. So did the Democrats speak too soon? In […]