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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Tonight’s Agenda

On A Path To New Jersey?

Not if I can help it!

Belmar Well Represented

Go Jade!

2nd St Paddy’s


Last Week

Blame Me


That’s A Lot Of Sheets!


All Our Irish, Good And Bad

I love the Irish but man there’s a lot of turkeys on this list.  

Report To The People

Just got back from Hampton’s 2019 town meeting where Karen and I voted on everything going on in our government from the budget, to filling the town clerk position, to changes in zoning law, to whether someone needs to run over to Staples and pick up a box or two of paper clips.  Well maybe […]

Bean Grinds The Numbers…

Makes interesting discovery. Guest column from former Councilman and 2014 mayoral candidate Jim Bean. I present:   I compared the actual revenues and expenses between the 2010 and 2017 budgets and wanted to share the numbers with you. When the municipal budget is put together there are two columns; projected revenues and projected expenses. As […]