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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Doherty, Other Dems Recruited Interns At HS Visit

More Monmouth Musings reports:

Como Residents Betrayed On Promised Tax Cut

Coast Star February 18 Coast Star September 29

More Missing Meetings

Definition Of Insanity

In today’s Coast Star: Mayor Matthew Doherty, an adamant supporter of the amended ordinance, was defiant, however. “It was pretty much a meaningless election because our attorneys have already said that the existing ordinance is unconstitutional and unenforceable,” the mayor said. He said the borough would continue to press that argument in court……………. ………………“We have […]

Doesn’t Everyone With A Master’s Have A Bachelor’s?

Being left on porches in some other towns: We in Belmar already know that Matt is very frugal with tax dollars but I think some of his budget saving measures are a bit extreme.  For example, he forces Brian and Janis to use the same desk: BTW next year it will be Tom Brennan that’s […]

Morning Roundup

No’s lopsided victory   Chefs continues to draw ire   Monmouth Dems blame the messengers   Middletown Super addresses controversy

BLOWOUT! YES: 292, NO: 836

BELMAR VOTES: Numbers coming

Today Is The Day

Pre Election Day Pop Quiz

OK, let’s see if you all have this right.