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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Borough Website Hack Fixed

No more ad for watches. .  But too late to help me! Anyone know how I can get my money back for this thing?

MMM To Dems: Dump Doherty

From Art Gallagher: Opinion: Democrat primary voters should nominate Ashford and Fulton for Freeholder By Art Gallagher The Republican presidential nomination has been decided. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders and the FBI are still nipping at Hillary Clinton’s heels. A a national level, like most presidential years, the New Jersey primary will make little […]

Maybe Hillary Let Us Use Her Server

Borough Website Hacked, Selling Fake Watches! OK, so I went to the campaign contribution disclosure page of the Borough web site to see if the 2016 campaigns have sent the state campaign reports to the Borough as required by Belmar’s Pay to Play ordinance. I found the campaign of regular Republicans Mark Walsifer and Josh […]


And You Didn’t Have To Pay To Play!

Solutions to yesterday’s puzzles   UNION SQUARE   PASS THE BUCKS

Last Week


PRINT THEM OUT, DO THEM AT THE BEACH! FIND THE MAYOR’S ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS! The first one highlights the union PAC contributors and it’s called “Union Square” (because it’s square.)  Click on it to show it on its own page. UNION SQUARE The bonus puzzle features the politicians who made pass-through contributions from their own […]

Keep It Up, Jersey

As the summer of 2018 gets nearer I have to admit it’s getting harder and harder to care about what happens here in New Jersey, and, I must confess, even in Belmar.  I just hope the town and the state can hold themselves together for a couple of more years so I can still get […]

Sky Spy At It Again

Nice view of “Beachhenge”* at the start.   *Thank you Ms. Nobody for coining the term.

Quoted In Today’s Star:

Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer: This case involved an invalid and misleading explanatory statement that was created not in the sunshine of an open and public meeting by the governing body as required by statute, but beyond the public view by the borough administrator behind closed doors. Plaintiff’s rights in this case were not simply […]