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Monthly Archives: June 2018

How Did She Find Out?

Latest Developments

Discussed in front of the Zoning Board Part 1: Part 2: Fortunately my viewers have been saved from even more of that because the camcorder ran out of space. For those of you who are too lazy to sit through the tapes a witness give a brief account: Ok so…., 10th ave voted down because […]

2017 Belmar Bar Police Call Logs

Total pages each: 9th Ave Pier – 2 pages 10th Ave Burrito – 5 pages Anchor Tavern – 4 pages Beach Haus Brewery – 1 page Boathouse – 12 pages D’Jais (May to October) – 33 pages Jacks Tavern – 2 pages Klein’s Fish Market – 3 pages Marina Grille – 7 pages .

Justice Served In Dog Attack

Reprinted with permission of the Coast Star  

D’Jais Hosts Gopal Event

Last night:  

Where’s The Transparency?

  End of session legislative maneuver allows seasonal extension sponsors to circumvent Assembly Committee hearing and bring bill to full Assembly vote……..TOMORROW! Assembly website, checked just now, says NOTHING!  

1958 Senate Roll Call

    Of course it still has to pass the Assembly and then be signed by this guy:

Edelman Retreats


They Should Try D’Jais


Trying To Avoid Being Homeless

Still haven’t found a place to live in while we build the new house so we’re heading up there later in week to look. When you search on Zillow or Craigslist and click “dogs ok” about 90% of the listings disappear.  What we’re left with right now that are big enough for us and within […]