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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Now If Only I Could

  Wallet Hub’s Best States to Retire  Source: WalletHub

Windmill Scene Of Gunfire


Last Week

Matt’s Up


The Background Story

From Ken Pringle. For those of you who didn’t live through it. The sole issue on this appeal was the Borough’s challenge to the award of legal fees and costs that Superior Court Judge Katie A. Gummer awarded to the Plaintiffs following their successful suit compelling the Borough to comply with a referendum petition submitted […]

Matt Slapped Again

Loses two appeals in 3 days.     This one was an appeal of the legal expenses they were ordered to pay when they committed a civil rights violation and ignored our petition against gutting Pay to Play.

We Violated


We Were Illegal Then

    BTW, our current Council President supported and participated in this illegal stuff. The reporter should have asked him to comment.

Susko Appeal Verdict In…UPDATED

Upholds previous findings but eliminates some attorney fee reimbursement.     Statement from Ken Pringle:   I am thrilled that the Appellate Division affirmed Judge Gummer’s decision with respect to each and every one of the violations of the Public Trust Doctrine and Beach Fee Statute that we asserted below.  Specifically, the Court affirmed Judge […]

Friendly Reminder

Get your financial disclosure submissions filed.