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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Worsening Aid Scam Sends Boards Scrambling


Hampton’s Most Beautiful

Sorry I wasn’t up there for it.  

Matt Late To 1st Meeting As CRDA Boss

Misses Pledge of Allegiance.  

Hampton Beach Creep

Cops can’t stop him so the girls did!  

What Should I Do?

Barring any unforeseen circumstance it looks like I’ll be pulling up the stakes and leaving town August 27 or August 28.  I still have no idea what to do about the blog.  Should I keep it going, at least for now?  Does it make sense for someone who doesn’t even live here anymore to be […]

Last Week

Sue Fulton’s DMV

Transferring title of one of my cars to my older daughter who is staying in NJ.  Took over 1 1/2 hours and made her late for work.   Unfortunately our new DMV boss has her own priorities.

Hearing Part Deux


Shipers: Only Condos Can Work

Investment group named “in honor of” Edelman?  What’s up with that?  

Murphy Forcing Belmar Tax Increase

We are already paying over $8 million every year into the school aid fund and getting less than $1 million back.  To Murphy/Sweeney even that is too much.   This is a total rip off and New Jersey taxpayers are fools for putting up with this.  We…I mean you…should tell Trenton to end the state […]