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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Drug War Run Amuck

Interesting New York Times story provides some Wiki-leaked information about the DEA.  Do you really want your government involved in all this?

Q: How Do You Say “Solar Energy Bubble” In Spanish?

A: Una Burbuja De Energía Solar! . From Thursday’s Wall Street Journal: A group of international investors has called on the Spanish government to reconsider plans to cut costly subsidies for solar power, saying they would cause a wave of defaults and more bad loans for Europe’s banks. The Spanish government is expected to adopt a […]

Merry Christmas!

South Korean postal workers prepare to deliver Christmas presesnts to the poor.

The Press Gets It Right On COAH (well, not really)

It took opposition from their friends at the Sierra Club to convince the editors at the Asbury Park Press that the replacement for COAH that Trenton has concocted is perhaps even worse than the original.  I guess the Democrats and their liberal allies at the Press are having some trouble juggling the demands of their affordable-housing […]

Yeah Toast!

What Kind Of “Republicans” Are These?

There is a story in Thursday’s Coast Star about how unhappy Sean Kean and David Rible are with the proposed changes to the law to replace COAH.  Rible withdrew his sponsorship of the law and Sean Kean actually went so far as to say that it’s “government at it’s worst”.  I disagree with the senator.  While I […]

The Mulshine Bump

Yesterday this blog collected 149 unique hits and 357 total hits according to my Internet host’s hit counter, shortstat.  This is 3 to 4 times higher than the average daily traffic and matches some of the highest numbers I got during my race for council. It might have something to do with the fact that […]

Herr Stadler, Tell Us What You Really Think!

An Austrian parlamentarian is (rightfully) outraged.

How New Jersey Deals With Mismanaged and Fraudulent Programs

It ramps them up! From today’s Asbury Park Press: With winter around the corner, New Jersey has ramped up a program to help low-income residents make their homes more energy efficient using federal stimulus money after a recent audit found the program was plagued by mismanagement and possibly fraud. I guess they figure if they […]

Trenton’s “Cap” On Common Sense

Sunday’s Asbury Park Press provides more evidence pointing to the utter hopelessness of any property tax relief appearing any time soon.  There are just too many bad actors in positions of power in New Jersey.  In it’s story “Pay cap effect to be checked” we learn that the 2% per year cap on binding arbitration awards […]