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Monthly Archives: June 2016

“Save Shark River” Steals My Joke!

Today on their “Dredgefest” page: . January 22 on Common Sense: Hey Shark River guys, making Moses jokes is my racket.  Go find some other biblical figure to have fun with.  You’re not even Jewish!  

Zack Loses Defamation Suit

With the permission of the Coast Star:

Christie In Wall Yesterday

Bidding Starts For Revaluation Job

Click for bid document:

They NEED Good Lawyers!

Common Sense has confirmed…… Borough Hires Politically-Connected Gibbons P.C., State’s 3rd Richest Law Firm, To Defend Harmon Suit! History of expensive corruption defenses.   How much will this cost us?…….I guess it doesn’t matter!   Upcoming court news……. Gummer’s decision on challenge to “Constitutionality” of Belmar’s P2P law expected Friday, remaining Susko issues “in the […]

Equestrian Bar Hopping

Knew they would end up at D’Jais

Large Mammals Coming To Shore

A reader let me know about this one.  You must be 21 years of age or older to look at the image below:It doesn’t say where in Belmar they are going to be on July 8, but I can make a pretty good guess.  (Not going to be Salt or the Boathouse.) And in a […]

Pier Pee-ew!

Beautiful Saturday evening at the 9th Ave Pier. Perfect place to dump piles of wet, disgusting trash. Bon Apetite!

Free State 2016

Sounds Familiar

Gas tax hike revenue for union contractors only.