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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Every Arrest Since July 1


Election Integrity Jersey Style


Tomorrow Night’s Agenda

  I wonder what ever happened to ordinance 2020-233?

Off And Running

Send me any mailers you get please. (Lot of out of towners here.)  

Dasti Firm Faces Two Different Corruption Allegations


BPD Busy Police Department

Last Sunday through last Wednesday  

No “As Is” Slip Resolution For 2020

I got my OPRA back.  

On The Waterfront

Something fishy at the docks?  Here’s what I know. You can decide. So let’s get right into it. All this information is gleaned from an OPRA made this week from someone other than myself. The OPRA request and the Borough’s full response can be seen here. Part of the OPRA was a list of occupants, […]

Skip Next Year Too…And The Year After That

Belmar’s biggest problem isn’t that people don’t come.  To the contrary, from what I’m hearing, too many people are coming.  So why do you have a SID?  

August 17, 2020 Planning Board Meting