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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Candidates Speak

My humble thanks to the Coast Star for their permission to republish.     Have to say Mark Levis did a good job with both of his answers and I really liked what he had to say about over-development and PILOTs.

Heroic Belmar Rescue Recognized


Council Meeting Of October 16, 2018

AshBritt In New Controversy

. contractors hired to remove debris from burned areas in Santa Rosa excavated so much extra material that they damaged driveways, septic systems, wells and other features on hundreds of properties . Given these subcontractors were paid per ton of soil removed, it is probable this over-excavation was an intentional effort to capitalize on this […]

Different Kind Of Tug

In the inlet   Looks like fun.

Last Week

Tuesday’s Agenda


Demolition Day

Pedestrian Hell

. A letter from one of my favorite readers. Hi Dave..hope you are enjoying your home and new surroundings. Last week I was walking on the sidewalk corner of 13thAve and Main St.(Post Office side). All of the sudden I felt this piercing pain in my right ankle. I could not put my foot down […]

They Think We’re All Racists

At least this woman and her viewers do.   Instead of embedding this I am linking you to the YouTube page so you can read some of the comments.  Pretty scary.