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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Liar Flyer

Dems accuse Mark and the Republicans of being dishonest about the Brandywine proposal.   All you need to do is go to the minutes of that May 15 meeting and you’ll see they didn’t vote not to proceed, in fact they didn’t vote at all.  Brian decided that discussions on the issue should “be postponed […]

More Sandy “Loans”

Necessitated by Menendez’s floundering re-election? Krista Sperber case highlighted…but no mention of  “Home by Summer” !   You remember “Home by Summer”, don’t you?   By the way, the Belmar web site is still soliciting donations:  

Six Years On…

Christie and Keady still swinging at each other      

Hey Brian Can You Please Elaborate?

He must have been on his way out the door and didn’t really have time for this.   At least Mark took the time to lay out the issues he considers important and to explain in some detail what he’d like to do.  And on a few of those issues he’s spot on. BTW, there’s […]

S . . t Ahoy!

Porta Potty floats off L Street Beach!  

Last Week



Ready To Go

Hopefully they’ll start digging next week.  

White House Plan Before Zoning Board

Belmar Inn hearing postponed again. Meeting for White House will be continued December 20.  

And This Guy Does Our Website

John Bonevich, D’Jais employee and owner of Your Target Marketing, is running for Council in Howell. Here is his most recent filing with ELEC: No employer info. No contributor info. No contributor info. No contributor info. No contributor info. Last one I have no idea what that means.