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Monthly Archives: July 2017

How I Would Spend The Money

Whether or not Mayor Doherty was being truthful when he told the Asbury Park Press that Taylor pavilion was paid for in part with the Buy a Board money or the insurance money, ultimately that money will be spent on the beach goers as Judge Katie Gummer has so ordered. It just may require some […]

Last Week

Tuesday’s Meeting

The agenda: Resolutions:

For Joy

  I still think about her every day.

Our Jim Bean Is One Of Them!

    Good luck, Jim!

Complete (But Not Completed) Ap And Payment

You’ve seen this page already. At least they have insurance (unlike the Mayor’s Ball.) There’s no page 2 here, but compared to other applications there doesn’t appear to be anything missing.  It looks like they might have been switching around the page numbers.  Other applications had out of sequence page numbers too.   Review and […]

Room For Improvement


Less One Passenger

Very sad.

All The Best Days Taken

Merri-Makers “pre-reserves” nearly every Saturday in May, June, September and October of 2018!   ****** Taylor event calendar. Click to open.   Note: At first I didn’t find this in the hundreds of pages of applications that were OPRAed and I published a piece saying that I didn’t find anything wrong. I spoke too soon […]

Sad Ending