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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Agenda Tuesday

APP Reports!

Gummer’s Orders


They are referring to yesterday’s Coast Star story about parking problems at the marina. Click on the image to read the rest of the thread:

Belmar Quacks


Statement A “No Brainer”

Doherty tells Coast Star if we didn’t police Lake Como maybe nobody would? …..According to Mayor Doherty, were the Lake Como Police Department to dissolve without another borough willing to contract services, the public safety for residents of Belmar would have been compromised. “If they disbanded and had no police department, whatever activity that would […]

MMM Reports

Judge: Belmar’s new pay to pay ordinance, “Matt’s Law” is not law Doherty’s lawyer asks Court for a gag order Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty Freehold-Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer ruled Wednesday that the new pay to pay ordinance in Belmar, dubbed “Matt’s Law” in honor of Mayor Matt Doherty who the measure would […]


Gummer Rules

Court victory for petitioners! April Claudio given 48 hours to “decodify” 2016-1! * Must notify NJ Sec’y of State of change if new ordinance was sent to Trenton already! * Original Pay to Play ordinance still in effect until voters can decide in referendum or there is a ruling on its legality. * Hearing on […]

Freight Seekers…Or Baggage Sneakers?

The post-election donation to Nicolay for Council:318 Fillmore Ave has a second business tied to it: Which on their “About Us” page also shows a Belmar address: If you Google Freight Seekers in Belmar you’ll find it’s a one man, one truck operation: Operating out of a private house owned by Dariusz & Elzbieta Targonski: […]