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Monthly Archives: February 2018

More Sounding Off

“Extremely frivolous” “Nothing more than fiction” “They were attempting to extort” . . But, from the Harmon camp: Litigation far from over.  

Transportation Distrust Fund

I thought the “State” Transportation Trust Fund was bankrupt. I thought the gas tax had to be raised because our bridges were falling down. Here is a 2015 ad from Forward NJ, for whom Maggie Moran was a spokeswoman. The address of Forward NJ, as listed on their website, is 608-612 Cookman Ave., Unit 5, Asbury […]

Judge Dismisses Salt Lawsuit

Harmons plan to re-file.  

Report From a Snowbird


Make Your Nominations…

And then vote for them.     Use the comments section to nominate people you would like to be the next Councilperson.  When we get 4 or 5 names in I will add them to the poll and activate it.  As more names come in I will continually add them to the poll.  Of course […]

Last Week

  The lifeguard thing drove a lot of traffic on my YouTube site too.     Not so much on theirs.  

Rowland’s Vanishing Legacy

    An email I received this morning prompted me to Google Howard Rowland’s name.  I found this July 2010 story interesting.   They’re just traditionalists, and the tradition in Belmar lifeguarding is to win. They won again this week, easily taking their own Howard Rowland Invitational for the 14th time in 15 years. Belmar […]

Council Approves New Lifeguard Boss


Kivvit On Pot

I actually agree with Maggie on this one.  Prohibition has been an expensive disaster and has screwed up a lot of people’s lives, especially young people.  Almost anything would be better than what we’re doing now.  

Help Needed