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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Obama Wants To Cut Our Pay With His Tax Hikes

But at the same time: Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden

Bloomberg Full Of Crap, Part Whatever

He thumps his chest over the dropping homicide rate, when it is improved emergency medical care that is preventing more and more assaults from becoming homicides.  The crime rate in New York is actually up. From the Dec 8 Wall Street Journal: In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence ……….Crime experts who attribute […]

Are We Really Such Bad People?

Came across this ranking of the states by peacefulness and noticed a couple of interesting facts about New Jersey.  We rank #1 in police department personnel per capita.  We rank #46 in guns per capita.  So we’re doing everything big government tells us we should be doing.  The most guns in the hands of the […]

Fiscal Cliff? More Like A Crack In The Sidewalk

We need to go over the cliff.  The cliff is the cure. But jumping off this “cliff” is only supposed to cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over 10 years.  It saves about $120 billion a year.  The deficit is $1.4 trillion EVERY year.  And growing. Avoiding the real cliff is worse than kicking a […]

In Defense Of The Electoral College

The Electoral College was attacked by the Asbury Park Press in yesterday’s editorial.  I replied with this.  I hope they publish it.   In their editorial “Time to abandon Electoral College” the Asbury Park Press writers wrongly dismiss the value of our electoral system, referring to it as “a little known vestige of another time”.  […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Jig’s Up!

From today’s Asbury Park Press op-ed “Time to end beach fees“: Supporters of beach fees insist that a fair user fee offsets costs that would otherwise fall more heavily on local residents. That, however, ignores the fact that most beachgoers, even out-of-state tourists, are already doing their part, through state and federal tax dollars that go toward […]

Christie On “Free” Beaches

I attended Christie’s town hall meeting Thursday and tried to ask him about Sweeny’s proposal to force beach towns to maintain the beaches at their own expense.  He never called on me (he was probably warned), but near the end of the meeting he allowed my fellow skeptic Mike Seebeck a question.  Happily, Mr Seebeck […]

Breaking! Mayans Predict Romney Victory!

Council Meeting of Dec 12, 2012