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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Why We Are What We Are


PILOTs For Dummies


Rigorous Request!

I always worry when I see so much fine print in a request for bids, proposals or qualifications. Remember the garbage trucks? I see that multiple times the Borough tells potential designees that they must comply with Belmar’s pay to play laws and even included a copy of the law in the packet. I wish […]

Happy News For Belmar *UPDATED

  Jade most talented!   BTW, we have our own pageant here, and ours still includes a swimsuit competition. . Beach flush with bucks! Of course it’s not such great news for residents who go to the beach and like to have more than an inch and a half between them and the next guy. […]

10th Ave Contract And PILOT Schedule


RFQ Pulled

Maybe somebody could ask about this next Tuesday.  

OPRAmachine Story Inspires Two Requests

Both from Mark Levis, both made two days after CS for B report.   April wants the request made through the town’s own portal. Be careful, April. Don’t mess with OPRAmachine. Belmar has enough lawsuits against it.   Good for you, Mark. Will publish them when they are fulfilled.

About Face!


No Answers Yet


Bean Looms Large

At least in TAPinto’s graphic.     Does he loom large in the election? Sunday starting line poll   Vote for 2 (or only 1 if you want.)  Make all selections before hitting the “vote” button.