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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Government At It’s Finest

From today’s Wall Street Journal: Car Battery Start-Ups Fizzle   Since 2009, the Obama administration has awarded more than $1 billion to American companies to make advanced batteries for electric vehicles. Halfway to a six-year goal of producing one million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, auto makers are barely at 50,000 cars. The money funded […]


Hopefully every American will pause today to think of those killed in the wars and also of those young men and women who have been so grievously wounded that had they suffered those injuries in any of our previous conflicts would also have been among the dead.  They may be alive, but they can never fully experience the joys of life with half their […]

The Asbury Park Press Must Be Reading My Mind (Or My Blog)

I swear I had no idea when I wrote the story below that the Press would have the beach fee issue as their featured story this morning.  (The issue had attracted my interest because of the budget discussions I have listened to recently.)  I just got the paper off my driveway a few minutes ago. […]

Belmar’s Fantasy

From the Superior Court of New Jersey, in a decision handed down August 29, 1989, that strickly limits Belmar’s use of beach funds: “It is clear that the statute directs it’s “reasonable fee” standard to the municipality, however, this fee must be reasonable in relation to the municipality’s expenses incurred as a result of the […]

Meet Our New Assassination Czar

                    Hopefully, clicking on the story here won’t get you on his list.

We’re Here To Protect You…..Sorry We Killed You Instead

Well, we’re not really sorry.   If they were really sorry maybe they’d stop doing it. Two stories, both on page 3 of today’s Asbury Park Press seem unrelated but have a common thread.  Bob Ingle’s column (not yet available on-line) discusses the effort by the great New Jersey State Senator Michael Doherty to ban the use of […]

File Under:

What Goes Around Comes Around.   From today’s Asbury Park Press story about the sentencing of Dharun Ravi: Communities that once fought for bias intimidation laws now are questioning their application in this case,……. And: Ravi’s mother, Sabitha, spoke at the rally, as did Pradip “Pete” Kothari, who said he was among those in New […]


From today’s Asbury Park Press story about the proposed skuttling of the age restriction on renting back houses:  But some Belmar residents are concerned about the impact the proposed change could have on the borough’s population. Opening up more units in the built-out borough to year-round residents could increase the number of students in local public schools, […]

Didn’t Someone Make $2 Billion?

With all the hand wringing over J.P. Morgan’s trading loss, and the calls by the planners for more regulations to make sure it never happens again, isn’t anyone considering that some other company or companies made $2 billion?  Isn’t that a good thing?  Think of all the taxes they will have to pay on that […]

Today Belmar……..Tomorrow New Jersey!

State Senator Mike Doherty launches drive to ban red-light cameras in NJ! Read about it here. Sign the petition here. .