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Monthly Archives: September 2013

We Owe $48 Million Dollars!

Jim Bean sent this to me and vouches for it’s accuracy. Please click on the image below.

Special Planning Board Meeting Of Sept 24, 2013

Part 1   Part 2

A Man Of Letters

Mayor Doherty has a letter in today’s Coast Star, and I always get a lot of hits when I pick apart one of the mayor’s letters, so here goes.  As always, my comments are in red italics.   On Jan. 9, Governor Chris Christie stated, “Belmar is leading the way to recovery,” as he looked […]

The Lawsuits

Just in case anyone wants to see them, here are the two lawsuits filed by Pringle on Friday.  And for the 52nd time, their purpose is NOT to “stop the recovery”.  The lawsuits were filed in an attempt to get  Belmar to proceed more carefully in it’s beachfront redevelopment plans.  They were filed to make […]

My Promise

In his comment on the Patch article about last night’s planning board meeting, Ted Ehmann makes the following point: Headline should read: Belmar Mayor, the only coastal community Mayor to use Sandy for “redevelopment power grab”.  Go ahead do a search online – let’s see Toms River Redevelopment, Seaside Redevelopment, Spring Lake Redevelopment.  Under NJ […]

Doherty Reacts!

His statement to the Patch, with my comments added in red italics: “These are two more lawsuits in a line of frivolous lawsuits (Yeah, that Ken Pringle….he’s such a frivolous guy)  that will in no way slow down or stop our recovery from Sandy,” Doherty said. (Nobody is objecting to replacing what was lost in […]

Petitioners Respond!

(We) will be taking the appropriate steps to ask the Superior Court to compel County Election Officials to place the bond ordinance referendum on the ballot and to re-issue vote-by-mail ballots as necessary. .

Is It Really Too Late?

UPDATE: Too Late For Easy Referendum Question Inclusion For Belmar Redevelopment Group wants to put decision on ballot; county clerk says the ballots have already been printed. .

Let The Citizens Decide

Heads Up! ***Updated

There’s a special Planning Board meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, Tuesday September 24th at 7:00 PM, on the redevelopment plan Mayor Doherty wants to implement.  The plan includes the construction of major buildings at 8th Ave and 13th Ave like the ones pictured below.  The plan also gives our mayor  “the power to convey or […]