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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Right To Contract

I’m sure there will be some interesting stuff about Belmar to talk about soon.  In the meanwhile I just want to make a couple of quick points about two issues that have been in the news that seem unrelated but are actually related. They are both about the right to contract. Government must honor the […]

Last Week

Sorry it’s late.  Still catching up from being away.

New Hampshire 2035

Jason Sorens, Yale political science PhD, Dartmouth government studies Lecturer, author of Freedom in the 50 States and founder of the Free State Project. .

Doherty: Petitioners Betrayers, Not Serious

Published today:   After the meeting, Mayor Matt Doherty said he was “blindsided” by the petition because members of the committee asked him to separate the projects. “We’re trying to work and negotiate with people who aren’t serious. After negotiating in good faith, working to convince skeptical council members that we can trust these folks, […]

Isn’t Belmar Crowded Enough?

Do we really need a Tourism Commission? Internet seems to working for now but I better write fast so here goes: Call me a heretic, but being up here at PorcFest has begun to recharge my libertarian batteries so I’m going to come right out and say it.  I really don’t give a damn if […]

Sorry Folks

Can’t get on the net for more than a minute or so at a time and only on my phone and only once in a while so I think I’ll be more or less incommunicado for the next few days.


Fathers Day APP Cover

Fatherhood’s dark underbelly exposed!

Last Week

42 States Require Towns To Get Voter Approval On Bonds,

Could Be 43 Soon!   From the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: Click on the image to go to the report.  This is on page 8.   The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations gives us a list with the 42 states.  This chart is on page 160 of the report.   Is Tennessee next?   […]