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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Tuesday Night

(For some reason the resolutions and ordinances aren’t attached.)  

It’s For The Recovery


Scheduling Faux Pas

Electronic billboard advertises Fran Hines’ retirement dinner:         Hines is president of Belmar First Aid, was the head of the water company, and is very active in the autism awareness community, bringing the Surfers Healing event to Belmar every year and raising tons of money for the cause.  A solid oak of […]

And Now From The Bizzaro World:

Republican Council won’t answer questions from Democratic constituents.

Forms Of Government

For our neighboring boroughs and small municipalities From Wikipedia:  Brielle: Manasquan: Sea Girt: Spring Lake: Spring Lake Heights: Lake Como: Belmar: (For some reason Wikipedia decided to include a photo of a paddy wagon in Belmar’s entry.  Are they trying to warn people off?) Avon: Neptune City: Bradley Beach: Bradley Beach is the only town […]

Governors, Mayors And Ayatollahs

Former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean used to like to brag about his constitutional powers to his fellow state chief executives. This is what governors do for fun. As he reeled off his ability to appoint thousands of loyal supporters to juicy political jobs, to interpret how laws would be implemented and to virtually shut […]

Mulshine Visits The Beach Haus Brewery

Click anywhere below to read the entire article: ……………. …………………………..  

Stat Sunday

Busy week. ————- Also, the other day I looked at the “analytics” page of my Youtube account for the first time.  Here are screenshots of the “overview” section. First, lifetime, which would be since I started the Youtube channel on Aug 5, 2012: Please click on the image. (If your computer re-sizes it to fit […]

Like Father Like Daughter

But Is It Legal?

Ehmann says NO! Comments, Concerns and Recommendations Regarding the Mayor’s “ Redevelopment Committee Report 2015″ By Ted Ehmann, Belmar, NJ After the release of the report there are critical questions that must be answered by the Mayor and Council: Was the committee charged with creating new redevelopment areas in Belmar and not just review the existing […]