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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Lot Of Force Here

But there’s also a lot of drunks here. NJ.Com has published a report on town by town police use of force.  I’m sure it doesn’t account for the fact that 3/4 of the people arrested in Belmar are intoxicated at the time of their arrest.     Here is Belmar’s page.  You can click on […]



Suit News


Getting Our Footings


Merri-Makers Building New HQ


Harmons Advance!

Federal judge grants motions to dismiss on some causes of action…..   But not on First Amendment Complaint:     This means the Harmons can move forward with all their charges and make their case for full compensation and legal expenses. Read entire decision HERE.   The case against Doherty, Conolly, Huisman, Nicolay, Blackburn, Brennan, Magovern, […]

Fight Night At The Golden Nugget

Super Poll Sunday

Most of us would probably be happy with any number of the people on this list so I’m letting us vote for our top three choices.  Make up to three selections and then hit the “vote” button.   If there is some one you think I should add to the poll please send your suggestion […]

Last Week

Doherty: Eminent Domain Never In Belmar

But OK for Atlantic City? March 2007: “We have seen how eminent domain has been abused in other Shore towns, and now the residents of Belmar know that it could never happen here,” said Councilman Matthew J. Doherty, a Democrat, who had proposed the ordinance after taking office on Jan. 1. “This ordinance grants protection […]