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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Council Meeting Of December 30, 2019

Last Week

Most Tapped Into

I guess a lot of those page views came from here.  

It’s A Good Gig


Let’s All Have A Great Christmas


Are Senior Badges Free?

I know of seniors that requested their free badges but have been refused.  But the ordinance, as passed, seems unambiguous.  

The Revised 9th Ave Plan

Adopted last Tuesday.

NJ’s Millionaires Always Welcome Up Here

If Murphy gets his way. At the risk of being somewhat repetitive, I wish to point out that the $938,000 in school aid Belmar gets is crumbs compared to what Belmar residents contribute to the fund.  I contacted State Senator Mike Doherty’s office a couple of years ago to find out how much Belmar residents […]

Last Week

AC Welcomes New Councilwoman

With drug testing, fingerprinting and demand for job application.