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Monthly Archives: October 2016

In Today’s Mail

Disclaimer: The above publication has been vetted by my other team of crack lawyers and has been determined to be truthful and accurate.

Sneak Preview

Got this in my email: Disclaimer: The above publication has been vetted for accuracy and approved by my crack legal team.

APP Wants A Dem On Freeholder Board….

But chooses Fulton! Btw, seeing what the writer had to say about Doherty’s track record in Belmar, do you think he reads his own newspaper?

Please Cease And Desist….

…..sending me nonsense like this.     The flyer I published came in the mail.  I scanned it and posted it just like I do with Democrat flyers.  I have no communication with the county Republicans and they have nothing to do with what goes on the blog. I have no responsibility to fact check […]

Last Week

A Tale Of Two Cities

Manasquan (pop 5757) debt vs Belmar (pop 5736) debt Click to enlarge: Belmar beach utility debt five times Manasquan’s Belmar municipal debt almost double Manasquan’s Belmar school debt only about a third of Manasquan’s thanks to Mark Walsifer! (Actually it’s because they have a high school) Belmar total debt as a percentage of total property […]

Don’t Be Fooled

It’s not a “lockbox”, It’s a $12 billion bond! VOTE “NO” ON QUESTION #2

DCA Announcement

“In It For Himself!”

Welcome To Belmar Politics, Mark