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Council Meeting Of February 20, 2018

Lifeguards speak out, defend fired bosses. If we’re the shore’s best, it’s because of their leadership. Some may not return, making shortage worse. Doherty: Huisman made me do it. Fake $8.50 wage blamed on resolution itself.    

Also Yesterday

Brenda Sue gets DMV job, will implement automatic voter registration Cameraman carefully avoids Governor’s shoes.  

Lifeguard Resolution Generates Fake News

According to the resolution that was passed 4-1 at the February 6 meeting, Belmar’s starting pay for lifeguards last year was $8.50/hour. This $8.50/hour number was reported in, TAPinto, and News 12.  But smuggled documents indicate otherwise. I am told by someone (who is in a position to know) that the $9.75 rate was […]

In Hampton, The Citizens Decide…EVERYTHING

From the March 2014 edition of nhmagazine: One enduring government ritual is the traditional or open town meeting — not to be confused with the New Age phrase “town-hall-style meeting” used by stumping politicians who want to appear folksy on national television. These roots go deep — the first recorded town meeting was in Dorchester, […]

Mayor: Management Replaced Because Lifeguard Stands Left Unattended

  I’ve been informed that whenever certain beaches couldn’t be guarded due to the shortage of lifeguards those beaches were marked with red flags and swimmers were instructed to move to a guarded beach. Also..very important..Borough officials were always immediately notified whenever a beach had to be closed due to the unavailability of lifeguards. Also, […]

First Polls Of 2018

Make all of your selections and then click vote.       Let me know in the comments section if there’s anyone I should add to either poll.

Last Week

Tuesday’s Agenda

  Resolutions and ordinances here. BTW, is anyone else out there hearing rumors that a developer wants to build a very large residential building where Borough Hall is and that a new municipal building is going to be built somewhere else?

My New Town Making Trouble

Lawsuit filed yesterday against the state.   New Hampshire collects all the revenue.  Hampton does all the work.  Unfair!       I think they need a blog.

Must Be Able To Stoop And Bend

Well I guess you can count me out.