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Under Water


Council Meeting Of February 18, 2020

What $5 Million Can Buy

APP wants to know if the $5 million Dobco is offering is enough to build a new municipal complex. Back in 2015 I showed what Lavallette could do with just a little more than what we paid for a dining hall.  

Tomorrow’s Agenda

APP Opines


Last Week

Mark: I’m Somewhat For It

UPDATE: Click on the image to view the article in my Google drive.  

Mark: I’m All For It

Matt: Plan should be DOA  

20 Day Post Election Report Report

Too cold to do anything outside so what else is there to do but inspect post-election reports? I see Republicans took an in-kind $460 contribution from the state party: Confirmed by the state committee’s own reporting: I believe that is considered a pass-through contribution under Belmar’s campaign finance laws: If this is a pass-through there’s […]

Last Week