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Planning Board To Hear Loko Application


Bawdy Bike Ad

Cal Mancuso also owns a bike shop.     This is why I stopped riding a motorcycle, btw.

Last Week

Weren’t They Already Brand New Sidewalks?

That sidewalk was only put in a couple of years ago.  

Belmar Bribe Hotel Update

The Belmar Beach Hotel, the location of an attempted bribe of the Belmar fire marshal, is on the state’s foreclosure sale schedule despite having been sold last October to 402-404 15th Ave, LLC, PO Box 3, Rutherford for $1. Current owner is still shown as Gail Baron.  Not sure what her relation is to the […]

Can’t It Wait Till Next Year?

Como fire, first aid takeover to be approved at December 28, 10:00 AM meeting.   Republished with the permission of the Coast Star.

Now It Can Be told

Now that the election is over some lawsuit expenses can be paid. From yesterday’s payment of bills list:   Gibbons is handling Loko and the Harmon brothers. . I guess this is connected to the Michael Druz lawsuit. . Susko, DeSanctis and Metra missteps still costing us.  One problem is the mayor just refuses to […]

Council Meeting Of December 5, 2017

   * Belmar now to take over Lake Como Fire and First Aid.  Is Lake Como even a town anymore? * $4.5 million FEMA Sandy Community Disaster loan coming due.  Will it be forgiven?  No answer yet. * $142,000 Gibbons bill paid towards Harmon legal expenses.  (We knew it would come right after election.) * […]

Fla Gov Wants Kivvit Records

Gives rogue state attorney until Dec 11 to produce     Elsewhere: AshBritt California fire clean up under fire  

A Maser Mistake?