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Meeting Report

Many thanks to the Coast Star for their permission to republish.

Planning Board Meeting Of November 18, 2019

Chase Guy Arrested


The 2017 Report

Someone OPRAed this last week and it was released today.  

Police Chase Through Bradley, Avon, Belmar


Last Week

And It’s So Seaporty!

Over the bridge and into Belmar a Jersey Mike’s is the first thing you see.  Very classy, so good for our image.  Great job guys.  

Bank Redevelopment Plan

        Makes interest!   Sandy will be taping the November 18 Planning Board meeting for us.  Much thanks to Sandy and also to the Coast Star for their permission to re-publish.

Move On In!


Matt Gets A New Number Two

  BTW, CRDA doesn’t want to comply with my now not-so-recent OPRA. After two requests for extensions, both of which I allowed, my September 20 submission was finally answered November 8. Still considering what to do about it.  It kinda seems even more important now since in the interim Small has become mayor. (Interim.)