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Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2015

Primary Results

Just got back from Borough Hall.  Here are the unofficial Belmar primary results Democrat: District 1 – Nicolay 24, 0 write-ins. District 2 – Nicolay 36, 0 write-ins District 3 – Nicolay 24, 0 write-ins District 4 – Nicolay 37, Schneck 1 write-in District 5 – Nicolay 28, 0 write-ins Democrat totals: Nicolay 149, Schneck 1 […]

Wednesday Night’s Agenda

Primary Day Exit Poll

After you vote today…if you vote today…come back and tell us who you voted for! If you wrote in someone not listed in the poll, write in your write-in in the “other” field.  Please write in your choice before clicking on “other”. If you’re not going to vote in the primary but still want to […]