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Monthly Archives: June 2015

It’s Good To Be Randal!


NH: No New Debt Without Voter Approval

With PorcFest coming next week I’m developing a severe case of New Hampshire on the brain.  Today I wish to point out that towns in the Granite State can not add a penny of debt without voter approval at a town hall meeting.  In most cases a 2/3 majority is required. Compare that to what […]

Doherty: More Drunkenness Good For The Economy!

Longer year for beach bars under advancing N.J. bill

Some Notes About Tuesday Night

The meeting opened with the mayor and council members talking about the problems with the Seafood Festival, but, of course, taking no responsibility for it.  They seemed almost to be acting as if the Seafood Festival is something that happens to us instead of being something we created. Many of us have voiced concerns in […]

Council Meeting Of June 16, 2015

FEMA And Insurance $$ Added To Beach Utility Lawsuit!

Notice of amendment.  Click on it to read it.   From the amended suit.  Click to read it. Maybe we should hold off on borrowing that $4.1 million?

Sparking A Mob Scene

From today’s Asbury Park Press story Has the Seafood Festival outgrown Belmar? : The mayor said the warm weather on Sunday coupled with the beach and festival created the “perfect storm.” “We had a lot of people coming just to go to the beach and at the same time we did have the Seafood Festival,” Doherty […]

Disaster Waiting To Happen

Motorists yesterday get themselves stuck in traffic on the railroad tracks.  How can they be so stupid? Thanks, M, for the photo.

Festival Fiasco Makes Drudge Report!