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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Last Week

Our New B.A.

Meet Ed Kirschenbaum, Mayor-Elect Mark Walsifer’s choice to replace Colleen Connelly.  

Last Night’s Zoning Board Hearing

The Birdbrain

This writer for The Hawk publishes a story without knowing a single thing about what he’s writing about.   Apparently he thinks there’s like a hundred bars down here that operate under seasonal licenses, and they are using seasonal licenses only because they don’t think they’ll be busy enough in the off season to justify […]

Great, Now Everybody Knows


It Could Have Been Worse

Neighborhood owes debt of gratitude to those whose voices were heard in Trenton loud and clear…Jim Bean, Dave Rible, Tim Harmon, Sea Girt Mayor Ken Farell, Assemblyman Ned Thomson, the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association and everyone else who did what they could to fight this and the earlier and more destructive versions of this […]

The Live Free Or Die State

Actually these are not the beaches we will be going to…the beach closest to us is on state property…but it’s still great news.   From the story: “I hate smoking,” said (Selectman) Waddell.  (This would have been the end of it with a New Jersey politician.)  “But I’m not sure I want to go this […]

Bring The Confetti


Murphy Inks S1958

  Booze Bill Signed Into Law  

Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now?

Thought it would be interesting to see what you guys thought about a few staffing decisions Mark will be having to make soon.  Not sure how long the contracts involved are so he might not be able to make changes right away.