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20 Day Post Election Report Report

Too cold to do anything outside so what else is there to do but inspect post-election reports? I see Republicans took an in-kind $460 contribution from the state party: Confirmed by the state committee’s own reporting: I believe that is considered a pass-through contribution under Belmar’s campaign finance laws: If this is a pass-through there’s […]

Last Week

CBS Visits

Tina’s Big Day Tomorrow

Remember, it’s at the school, not Borough hall.

Dobco’s Proposal:

  Tuesday’s presentation: One other response that came in:

Cityport Redevelopment Plan Introduced


Council Meeting Of February 4, 2020

Previous High Was $52 mil (2013)

Belmar owes $58 million! Up almost $22 million from year before   Click on the image for the complete debt statement Last year’s statement here.

OPRA Denied

I thought Congress got rid of attorney-client privilege.

Givvit To KIVVIT

Recent NY contracts for KIVVIT total $82.55 million .     Memory refresher: