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CBS Visits

Tina’s Big Day Tomorrow

Remember, it’s at the school, not Borough hall.

Dobco’s Proposal:


Tuesday’s presentation:

One other response that came in:

Cityport Redevelopment Plan Introduced


Council Meeting Of February 4, 2020

Previous High Was $52 mil (2013)

Belmar owes $58 million!

Up almost $22 million from year before


Click on the image for the complete debt statement

Last year’s statement here.

OPRA Denied

I thought Congress got rid of attorney-client privilege.

Givvit To KIVVIT

Recent NY contracts for KIVVIT

total $82.55 million




Memory refresher:

The School Bond Question

In Bradley, No “Passion” For Lobsterfest….

But some compassion for the lobsters


Passion Group is Rich Tarzian, owner of the fancy house that got hit by that stolen car the other week.