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Last Week



Umm…Weren’t You Named In It?



Everybody (except Matt) saw it here a month ago, btw.


Or malfeasance!

Once again, thank you Coast Star!

Borough Paying 2/3 Of Settlement Cost

Much appreciation to the Coast Star for permission to publish:

Irresponsible Bidder


Maser advises on bid proposal…

Then bids on it themselves….

And were the only bidders!


The A.G.’s letter:


Ignored warning from 2017:

Council Meeting Of February 5, 2019

Attorney General:

Maser hired illegally

for Como project


Won’t allow DEP to reimburse for $600,000 bill

Change orders could add another $300,000


Code Enforcement’s Frank Cinelli to assume “Director of Special Operations” responsibilities


Spark Marketing fired


Harry Harsin named

lifeguard chief


The discussion of the Maser problem is right at the beginning of the tape.

12th Ave Arrestee Was Headliner Barkeep

And a fitness model!


Shouldn’t This Be The BA’s Job?

You may recall that when I published tonight’s agenda a couple of days ago I mentioned that the ordinances weren’t posted yet and that I was curious to see some of them.

They are up now and here’s three that I had wanted to look at.


2019-04 just basically affirms that the Borough intends to happily participate in enforcing the state’s new draconian smoking laws.  (BTW, a month or so ago my Town Council here in Hampton announced that they would not enforce any smoking bans due to the cost of enforcement to the taxpayers and also out of respect for the rights of the minority.)

2019-05, the one establishing salaries, is missing in action.


2019-06 is a doozy. You guys should have a lot to ask about this one.

Remember that because tonight will be only the 1st reading you can’t ask questions before the vote.  At least you couldn’t when the Democrats ran the meetings.  But certainly you can try to find out what this is all about during the public session.  What I would say is that if the full-time BA…btw, who remembers when Belmar used to be run perfectly well with a part-time BA?…doesn’t have enough time to coordinate all those wonderful special events and wonderful organizations like Tourism and the SID, and we need to hire somebody else to do it, then maybe we don’t really need to have all those wonderful special events and wonderful organizations.

I thought we were poor.

Big Bust On 12th