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Highest Paid Teachers In Belmar


Build That Wall!

No need for an act of Congress


Belmar Tourism Omission

The ordinance authorizing the Tourism Commission states specifically, twice,  that the Commission must provide the Council annually with a report outlining their spending and activities.

Apparently in ten years the Commission never bothered to produce a single report and nobody on the Council ever bothered to ask for one.

I know they’re all really great people who would never do anything wrong so why look, right?

BTW, all public officials, including members of all boards and commissions, are required to file financial disclosure forms on an annual basis.  Four members of the Commission, Chris Brandl, Steve Lacko, Don Tarrant and Brian Magovern have complied for 2018 but there are two holdouts.

Joel Waldman from Belmar Fitness

And Frank Sementa, who I think owns some club or something.

Oh, and another significant holdout.

Yes, Mary Brabazon, Director of Tourism.

Spending Watch

I know it’s only a couple of hundred dollars but is it really a gift if you make someone else pay for it?

Not sure what chief this was for but I’m guessing it was for former fire chief Tucker Brendle. Thing is he retired last January.

Harmon Wins…….



Bet there’s something much bigger he’d like to win soon.

See Matt With A Beard!

Also security camera footage of AC mayor’s street brawl!


Tuesday Night



I see that Steve Vita, who owned the Barclay, still has litigation pending against the Borough.


Last Week

Lot Of Force Here

But there’s also a lot of drunks here.

NJ.Com has published a report on town by town police use of force.  I’m sure it doesn’t account for the fact that 3/4 of the people arrested in Belmar are intoxicated at the time of their arrest.



Here is Belmar’s page.  You can click on an officer’s name to get more details on their particular record.


Most of Belmar’s officers have one or two or none at all.  Seems like Steneck and Yee by comparison do have sort of a lot.