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Carmine DeSanctis: “You have intentionally inflicted emotional distress on myself, my children….if that makes you feel good, enjoy the moment.”


“When I asked for the permit they never heard of it!”


Katrina Clapsis crushes it with stirring and powerful speech,

later ejected from meeting

and threatened with arrest!


Fireworks begin at 1:27:40 mark of part 2.

Flashback June 12, 2014!

Outhouse planted in DeSanctis driveway during Seafood Festival!


About Last Night

I’m sorry but the upload of the video to YouTube appears to have gotten hung up and will need to be restarted.  Unfortunately I’m in Newark and won’t be able to deal with it until I get home tonight.

It will be worth the wait but it is not recommended to be viewed by anyone at risk of stroke or heart attack.


Campaign Finance Law Ignored

An important previous engagement prevented me from attending last night’s meeting so I put the Borough on notice via email:


No mention was made last night of the violation or my notification.  Tom was permitted to fully participate in everything.

BTW, that $500 could have all come from one person as far as we know.  Maybe it came from Chefs or Merri-Makers.  We don’t know.  This is why we have a campaign finance law.  Don’t just ask me.  Ask Matt:

Brennan Campaign Violations


Three “selfies”


From the NJ ELEC handbook:

Although they still need to be corrected in an amended report, the above violations are not as problematic as this one:

Act Blue” is a liberal PAC that acts as sort of a Go Fund Me page for Democratic political candidates.  The $506 represents donations of unknown amounts from unknown contributors collected on unknown dates since Tom’s donation page’s “inception”.

Below is Brennan’s donation page:


Here is what Belmar’s Conflict of Interest ordinance 9-8c says about that:

Here is the penalty:

So until the $250 penalty is paid and the $506 in anonymous donations are returned, he is barred from the following:

Well he is already conflicted on liquor licenses.  For tonight’s agenda he can’t participate in the redevelopment workshop, vote on the redevelopment resolution or vote on the payment of bills list.  If he doesn’t pay the fine and cure the violations within 30 days he will be barred from participating in the above matters for three years.

That’s if the pay to play law is obeyed, anyway.


Mayor See Mayor Do


Tonight’s Agenda


808-809 11th Ave is next to the 7-11 on Rt35

Block 95, Lots 5 and 7 are the Bank of America property.

I see that the title of ordinance 2017-22 has been changed from “Amending Chapter 19” to “To correct an error”  in Chapter 19, which I presume means that if you oppose the change you are in favor of errors.  The ordinance itself still remains unpublished so we have no idea what it actually says.

BTW, wouldn’t you consider an eastbound “Coastal Evacuation Route” (16th Ave) to be an error?


This is what it was called two weeks ago.

Cannon Shot A Big Dud

I have obtained a copy of the letter Borough attorney Greg Cannon drafted to justify the mayor’s refusal to allow Joy’s tree to be planted.  He has no idea what he’s talking about.

For Mr. Cannon’s enlightenment I present below 8 months of emails between Brian Magovern of the Shade Tree Commission and Angela DeSanctis’ friend who made the arrangements. Please start with the bottom one and read each from the bottom of the page to the top.

Apparently nobody ever told Mr. Cannon about any of this.  How much did we pay him to write this letter when he obviously has no clue what he’s talking about?

Not only is he wrong about the facts of the case, he’s wrong about the law.  There is absolutely nothing in any Borough ordinance that distinguishes a memorial tree from any other kind of tree.  And all that stuff about “religious symbols” and “slippery slopes” is total bullshit.  It’s a tree!  The only problem here is that the mayor doesn’t like the person being memorialized.

And the only legal reason that the tree couldn’t be planted yesterday is that Mr. Magovern failed to inform Angela Desanctis’ friend that she needed a permit from Code Enforcement.

Hopefully it’s already been applied for as of this writing.

A Tree Grows In Belmar…..

Or will soon!

It was a grand union of the DeSanctis clan, the girls of Chi Omega (U of Delaware), the local Element and Joy’s other friends.  Several of us spoke to the group about our relationships with Joy, recounted some of our experiences with her and explained our reasons for loving her so much.

Unfortunately Council President Brian Magovern – who’s job at the Shade Tree Commission would entail making sure nothing goes wrong when somebody wishes to plant a tree in Belmar – let things go wrong and apparently either didn’t understand, or didn’t bother to explain, the rules set by his own administration.  He had told Angela DeSanctis’ sorority sister, who made the plans, that her request was approved by Shade Tree and told her later that everything was set for the time and place of the planting and even marked where to dig the hole.

But the Friday before the planting the mayor, probably after reading my blog post about it, notified Magovern that the tree planters were missing a permit they needed and that he would not allow the tree to go in as scheduled.  He apparently also thinks that a tree planted as a memorial is somehow different than a tree planted for some other reason and gave that as grounds also for his refusal.  That part is total nonsense.

Brian reportedly tried to get the mayor to change his mind but he didn’t try hard enough.  This event was about someone so loved by so many people, someone taken by cancer far too young.  She had only just become a grandmother. People came from as far away as Germany for this event.

If I were Brian, I would have told Matt I was resigning from the Council if he refused to allow the planting to go forward.  I’m quite certain that if this were one of Matt’s friends, and not Joy DeSanctis, the tree would be in the ground.  Brian gave Angela’s friend bad information when she trusted him, and then didn’t stand up for her against our mayor the bully.

I also would like to note that Councilman Walsifer called the mayor twice but was unable to persuade him to let the planting go forward.

Anyway, this group was too resilient to let some mean, vindictive mayor ruin their day, so they hauled the tree to its future location, had their event, hauled the tree back to the DeSanctis’ house and went to Federici’s and had pizza!

Tomorrow the permit that Angela’s friend was never told about will be applied for.


The family


With the girls of Chi Omega.  The cutout with the football jersey is of one of the girls who couldn’t make it here today.

Last Week

UCrawl: We’ve Done 30 Events Already……

And Belmar was the only one that required a permit.



……..But it also deprives Belmar of an event that could have brought business to the town during the tourism off season. And it left organizers scratching their heads, wondering why after more than 30 events, only Belmar has raised a red flag.

“This is the first time this has ever happened to us,” said Max Lowy, who owns UCrawl.