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Cautious Council


Council Meeting Of December 3, 2019

Last Week

Olde Hampton

Founded just 17 years after the first Thanksgiving:



Scene of witch trials:



Revere rode here first:

Passed right down Route 1, about a mile from here.


Our street is on an 1806 map:

That red dot is where our house is.


Neighbor’s house is for sale. It was built in 1820:



You can see our house in this photo from the ad:

It’s the light green house directly above the pointer.

Next Tuesday’s Agenda



Meeting will include the public hearing on the expansion of the redevelopment area.

Let’s Make A Deal

As always, great appreciation to the Coast Star for their permission to republish.


Of Course


Belmar residents pay something north of $8 million every year in state income tax.  Belmar residents now get back from that fund only $939,000, down $26,000 from last year.  Belmar residents are told the problem is they’re taking for than their fair share and that their property taxes are too low.


You can’t say I’m not at least trying to get the information to you.


And speaking of redevelopment…..

This came in my mail yesterday:

What Day Did Mike’s Open?

Was is Wednesday, November 20th like this piece says?



Just wondering because someone (I don’t know who) OPRAed the permits and approvals, including the CO, also on November 20.


And it looks like the CO wasn’t issued until two days later, November 22.

Last Week