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Pedestrian Hell

They Think We’re All Racists

At least this woman and her viewers do.


Instead of embedding this I am linking you to the YouTube page so you can read some of the comments.  Pretty scary.

In Point Pleasant Friday


Last Week

APP Picks Up Offended Black Girls’ Story

You may remember I told you about this a few weeks ago.


A few readers tipped me off about this yesterday but I was out all day with no access to a computer.  Thanks, though, readers.

NJ 4th Highest Aid Recipient


BTW, New Hampshire was 28th with a mere $13 million in federal aid.  Belmar alone has gotten more than that.  15 states received less than $1 million each over the past 5 years. How is this all fair?


Trump comes through

for Belmar


Council Meeting Of October 2, 2018

Big Job

Brian to oversee Matt


Fiscal Estimate: More Money For The State…

…More costs for the towns!