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State Plan To Consolidate K-8 Districts

Belmar BOE on the block.


Found by a reader:


Thanks, reader.

Council Meeting Of August 7, 2018

Tuck Covers NH Diversity Idiocy

OPRA Motherlode

Site gives access to every OPRA in the state!


Here’s every Belmar OPRA request so far this year.

Nothing To Be Proud Of

Belmar Elementary gets A for “diversity”,  C for academics.

I would be much happier if it was the other way around.  What people look like and where they decide to live or go to school should be nobody’s business but their own.  Why would we want people moving in or out based on skin color?  Who cares?  It’s a completely ridiculous metric to use to rate anything.



Troubling and probably related:

The AshBritt Complaint


Last Week

Does anybody actually look at the weekly traffic numbers?  Should I bother to keep publishing them?

AshBritt Cited By Campaign Watchdog

Illegal $500,000 contribution to


Timing very suspicious.


“This seems like a brazen violation of well-established law”



Belmar Resident Tapped To Run Cuomo Campaign


Tuesday’s Agenda

April must have used an agenda from last December as the template to create this one.  She might want to fix the “adequate notice” date.

Funny the things they consider “routine” enough to be included in the consent agenda.  There is an “emergency” appropriation of $60,000 to repair a well, an extension of the deadline to pay your property tax because the bills are late going out (actually, that one is sort of routine) and a resolution created to thwart an OPRA request, presumably by the Harmon camp, for the minutes of an executive session held last year about the Loko case:

I don’t remember the Loko case being “dismissed”.  I thought it was settled out of court.  That’s hardly the same thing.

Oh, and for the commenters who say I never report anything “positive” on the blog, I would like to note the change order reducing the cost of the Lake Como outflow project by $369,000.