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20 Day Post Election Report Report

Too cold to do anything outside so what else is there to do but inspect post-election reports?

I see Republicans took an in-kind $460 contribution from the state party:

Confirmed by the state committee’s own reporting:

I believe that is considered a pass-through contribution under Belmar’s campaign finance laws:

If this is a pass-through there’s going to have to be a lot of abstentions for the next three years:

There is a remedy enacted in 2011 at the suggestion of the then-recently former Mayor Ken Pringle when nearly the entire new Council got tangled up in Belmar’s local campaign laws.

This is what McCracken and Carvelli would have to do:

I guess if nobody officially notifies them they could pretend they don’t know about it but obviously they know about it now so they should just go ahead and fix it.

Something on their supplemental $300 and under post election report submitted to the Borough struck me as odd:

Seven contributions just under the state’s reporting threshold made the same day and seemingly from the same source. ┬áNot sure what to make of that.

And what do the Democrats have to report?


20 day post-election reports were due November 25.  Somebody want to let them know?


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  2. anonymous wrote:

    Just think of what a great job they would have done running the town! Scary

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