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New Jersey Cops A Plea

New Jersey has settled a suit from the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that it misrepresented the health of state pension funds to investors when issuing billions of dollars of state bonds.  They wouldn’t admit to doing anything wrong, but promised to never to do it again.

Christie Duffy will fill you in on the details.


New Jersey Education Association spokesman Steve Wollmer said in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that the SEC charges “pull the curtain away and expose the state’s malfeasance over the past 16 years” for failing to make required contributions to the pension fund.  I guess he feels our taxes have not been high enough.  Of course the real malfeasance was in promising such luxurious benefits to our civil servants in the first place.

These are the people that are  running  ruining our state.  They are dishonest and incompetent.  Why on earth do we allow them ever increasing influence over our lives and over Belmar’s affairs?

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