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What Kind Of “Republicans” Are These?

There is a story in Thursday’s Coast Star about how unhappy Sean Kean and David Rible are with the proposed changes to the law to replace COAH.  Rible withdrew his sponsorship of the law and Sean Kean actually went so far as to say that it’s “government at it’s worst”.  I disagree with the senator.  While I believe COAH requirements to be an abomination, Trenton does all kinds of things that rivals COAH (or whatever new name they give it) in it’s stupidity and injustice.

Anyway, all the indignation seems to be over whether towns such as Wall should be be forced to restrict 7.5% of it’s housing stock for low income residents as Messrs. Rible and Kean would like, or 10% as the writers of the current proposal would like.

Of course neither of these gentlemen has any kind of problem with the concept of one group of residents having the “right” to the property of another group of residents simply because the latter has more property than the former.

Rible (left) and Kean (right) during a recent lunch break.


COAH should be ended and replaced with nothing.  There is no room in a free society for the government to be dictating what kind of houses must be built and for who’s enjoyment.  And don’t believe RINOs Rible and Keans’ “the devil made me do it” excuse that the state Supreme Court is responsible.  The court is not given the power to make law.  Any laws the court makes should be ignored.  To paraphrase Stalin (a hero to many in the legislature, no doubt), “how many divisions does the Supreme Court (he said the pope) have?”

If the Supreme Court can somehow interpret the language of the state Constitution to require this degree of state interference in markets and commerce, then we might as well not even have a constitution.  As a matter of fact, as long as we are replacing laws here, I propose that we replace our lengthy State Constitution with a simplified version, more suitable to the times. It would be only one sentence: THE STATE MAY DO WHATEVER IT WANTS, WHENEVER IT WANTS, TO WHOMEVER IT WANTS, FOR WHATEVER REASON.

Just think of all the paper we could save.  And Stalin would be so proud.

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