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The School Board Non-Election

It really is a shame that the three school board members running for re-election this year are running unopposed.  After last year’s council race a number of people approached me about the possibility of my running for school board this year.  I have no interest in being on the school board because I don’t believe there should even be such a thing as a school board.  We don’t need “supermarket boards” to decide what food to feed to our children and we don’t need “clothing store boards” to determine what our children wear,  so why do we need boards to decide how our school is run and what our children learn?  If the government would just get out of the way and stop forcing us to buy their mediocre and overpriced education product, we could use our money to buy education in the private market and choose ourselves the school we like the best just like we choose supermarkets and clothing stores.

That being said, if we must have a school board it should at least be subject to the rigors of running in a real election.  I understand that some people plan to use the write-in option just so they can express their opposition to the status-quo.  I’ve heard that some people plan to write in my name, along with those of  Jim Bean and his charming wife Tracy Bean.  I will join with these folks and refuse to rubber stamp the current board.  And, by the way, I will be voting “no” on the budget.


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