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Christie Refuses To Defend The Constitution

I really don’t understand Christie’s reaction to Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling. At a news conference he said of the decision “I intend to comply with the Supreme Court’s order” but later at a town hall meeting he said “You don’t elect the Supreme Court; you don’t expect them to be making law……But today, they made law. Because today, they sent an appropriations bill for $500 million that was not passed by the Legislature, that was not signed by the governor. Go to the Constitution and tell me, how the hell did they get away with that?”

Because you let them.

Governor.  You did not swear to protect, uphold and defend a bunch of unelected, redistributionist goons, otherwise known as the Supreme Court.  You swore your allegiance to the Constitution.  By refusing to defend it against the predations of the court you are violating your oath of office and should be removed.

Article III, Paragraph 1:  “The powers of the government shall be divided among three distinct branches, the legislative, executive and judicial.  No person or persons belonging to or constituting one branch shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as expressly provided in this Constitution.”

Article VIII, Section IV, Paragraph 1:  “……the Legislature shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools for the instruction of all children in State between the ages of five and eighteen years.”

Article VIII, Section IV, Paragraph 2:  “…..the fund for the support of free public schools . . . shall be annually appropriated to the support of free public schools, and for the equal benefit of all the people of the state.”

Article VIII, Section I, Paragraph 7.a:  (The income tax is to be)  “annually appropriated . . . exclusively for the purpose of reducing or offsetting property taxes.”

We don’t need the Supreme Court to “interpret” this.  It is not written in Chinese.  I’m sure all of you understood exactly what those words mean.  Does Christie?

We don’t have time to wait for attrition to change the makeup of the court.  The governor and the legislature should carry out their constitutionally mandated duties and ignore the court’s illegal orders.  Christie says he wants to avoid a constitutional crisis.  He can’t.  It’s already begun.

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