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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Manufacturing Fear

Of the twenty terrorist plots thwarted since Sept 11, seventeen  were created by the government.  Our government.   The remaining three, the real ones, were amateurish attempts that were stopped by regular people who happened to be at the scene.  About these, the government was clueless. Listen to the judge: Could this latest “Iranian” plot have been revealed at this […]


I really want to like Herman Cain and until last night he was my third choice after Paul and Johnson, but Alan Greenspan?  He thinks Alan Greenspan is the best Fed chairman of the last 40 years?  Does Cain want economic bubbles?  Doesn’t Cain understand that Alan “The Maestro” Greenspan created the music we are […]

My Fall Festival Table

Discussing economics with County Surrogate Candidate Michael Steinhorn. Festival neighbor Jim Bean trolls for votes. Marie and Maria, two of my favorite Republicans  

The Unappreciated Rich

I guess that if you want to be rich and still well-liked, you need to be the iconic head of a well known brand that people have an emotional attachment to.  In all the (well deserved) tributes to Steve Jobs, including from the redistributor-in-chief, I never heard one person say that Jobs didn’t pay his “fair share” […]

Steve Jobs: Good Riddance!

Shouldn’t we be cheering the loss of Steve Jobs?   After all, this greedy man became a billionaire by taking money from all those poor people who just wanted to have a really cool computer or cell phone, or i-Touch, or i-Pad, or maybe wanted to take their kids to see a Pixar film like “Toy Story” […]


More Towns Demand Fair School Funding!

Sea Girt Ramsey Fort Lee

Why Is It?

Why is it that by simply existing in this place, New Jersey, and being productive here, that your life is now a public resource to be mined to serve the interests of people who you don’t choose to have anything to do with?  By what right can they claim that if you exist, you owe them an affordable house, […]