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Why Is It?

Why is it that by simply existing in this place, New Jersey, and being productive here, that your life is now a public resource to be mined to serve the interests of people who you don’t choose to have anything to do with?  By what right can they claim that if you exist, you owe them an affordable house, an education (whether the kids want to learn or not), mental health counseling, community indoor swimming pools, sports arenas, art performances, job counseling, addiction counseling, crime compensation, neighborhood preservation, a job at a casino, a job at a racetrack, a job in the arts, open space, English lessons, legal aid, police protection, fire protection, free medical care, and anything else anyone can think of  even if they live in a city a hundred miles away from you? 

And why is it that our politicians tell us the outrageous taxes we in the suburbs pay are not because of all the above crap, but because we aren’t “consolidated” enough?  Aren’t the cities the most “consolidated” places in the state, but they can’t even afford to pick up their own trash without us paying for their garbage trucks?   

And why is it that………………aw forget it.  I’m tired of talking about it.  It’s the weekend. Let’s watch the Swing Girls!

“There’s only two kinds of people in this world. Those who swing and those who don’t”


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