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Romney Won’t Save You

It’s been really amusing listening to all these so-called “conservative” talk show hosts and commentators telling us that yesterday’s atrocity by John Roberts makes this upcoming election the mostest importantest election ever.  We are told that only by electing Mitt Romney do we have any hope of being saved.  Well in that case we have no hope of being saved.  It’s over. 

I remember being told in 2000 that Bush was a real Texas conservative, that he was much more conservative than his father.  And what did this true conservative give us?  Two wars, the biggest economic bubble in history, medicaid drug prescriptions and, of course, John Roberts.  In Romney’s case, only the Democrats even have the nerve to claim that he’s some kind of conservative.  And the Democrats will say that about anyone one inch to the right of Mao Tse Tung. 

It is my belief that this outcome was decided long before the arguements were even made.  The Republican/Democrat establishment blob wants to control our health care.  And what the blob wants, the blob gets.  Roberts must have picked the short straw or something on this one for if it wasn’t him it would have had to have been one of the others.  And if the court was comprised of six Republicans and three Democrats then two of the Republicans would have been required by the blob to roll over.  I don’t know what kind of power they have over these guys, but they always seem have their Lucys available to pull the football away from we Charlie Browns.  

Notice Romney never says simply that he would repeal Obamacare.  He always says “repeal and replace“.  The best we are permitted to hope for is that the new and improved Romneycare will be marginally better than Obamacare.  Pardon me if I don’t get very excited.  I’m sure anything Romney proposes will be blob-approved and therefore bad for us.

The Republican Party won’t change.  They want big government as much as the Democrats and do their best to keep those of us that truly believe in limited government and the Constitution on the sidelines.  I’ve given up on them. 


By the way, Roberts’ logic in upholding this monstrosity is completely demented.  Since penalties are so obviously unconstitutional even under the broadest interpretation of the commerce clause, he wants to reclassify the fines as a tax, as if simply calling them taxes instead of fines would make them constitutional.  But Obama stressed over and over that it wasn’t a tax.  And the federal government doesn’t have unlimited powers to tax anyway.  It is permitted to freely collect excise taxes, but direct taxes on individual Americans must be apportioned among the states.  That is why they needed to have the 16th amendment in order to have a direct federal tax on individuals that is not apportioned.  But the 16th amendment only applies to the income tax.  This “tax” is on people who don’t buy insurance so it clearly not an income tax.  And it is not apportioned and therefore unconstitutional.  Roberts should know that.  And he can only call it a tax because it’s low enough that people can afford to pay it.  When Congress needs to raise it, because it is not high enough to change people’s behaviour, they will have to go to the Supreme Court each time and ask if it’s still a tax or if it’s a penalty yet.

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